Where can a freelancer look for customers? 5 variants

Where can a freelancer look for customers?  5 variants

1. Job exchanges

I will post this method very first, since this method allowed me to make good money. Its essence is simple – you go to the site hh.ru or similar, create a resume (I will also tell you how to create a cool resume, but in a separate post), and go to look for a layout designer’s vacancies. However, when sending an application to the employer, you need to write in the cover letter that you are not going to join them, but want to participate in projects as an “invited” freelancer. This method helped me personally, so I recommend it in the first place.

2. Appear on forums, in chats on the topic

Everything is banal and simple here. You often write something, help other people, show your expert opinion, and customers may contact you when they see that you are “fumbling”.

3. Having a cool portfolio

As a good web designer, you should have a good site, cross-browser and error free. You can advertise on it, and, seeing that the site is good, the customer can contact you.

4. Freelance exchanges or freelance communities Vkontakte

There are quite a few different communities on Vkontakte where you can search for orders. You can pay for advertising, or you can find communities where you can post for free. As for advertising, go to the next point.

5. Advertising

I spoke about advertising my site, and if you need to show how to set up, for example, Yandex. Direct – write in the comments. As for advertising in communities, everything is also simple – pay and get an exclusive post or fix. But there is another way that also helped me personally – advertising on freelance exchanges. I went to the weblancer exchange, placed an advertisement there, and started receiving orders from it. I entered the same orders into my “personal account”, and my rating on the site is growing. An effective method.


These are only 5 out of 30 possible ways to search for orders, and do not rush to say “nonsense, it does not work.” It’s worth trying, and besides, trying well, and then talking 🙂

Personally, I have already safely left the freelance exchange and do not plan to return, tk. I work with several regular customers. What I wish you in the future!

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