What sites will be like in 2019

What sites will be like in 2019

According to statistics from various analytical agencies, on average, a site visitor takes about 3 seconds to figure out whether he likes the site or not. And in the latter case, rather switch to another, so as not to waste your time searching for the necessary information. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that everything is thought out to the smallest detail. In this article, we’ll show you what a website should look like in 2019 and how to compete for visitor attention in a tough competitive battle.

1. Improving download speed

As stated earlier, you only have a split second to impress the user. Agree, if the site does not load during this time, the likelihood that the user will close the tab without knowing how wonderful you are is quite high.

Checking download speed

2. First thing, first thing – aircraft smartphones

All the same statistics show that 52% of users explore the Internet using their smartphones. Therefore, the adaptive version of the site is another important item on the New Year’s to-do list. Note that it should be no worse, if not better, than the full version of the site.

Responsive website

3. Time to play with fonts

Wait! Unusual fonts are in trend, which means that you can finally give free rein to creativity and add that flowery calligraphic font (or maybe Gothic?) To the first screen of the site. But remember, everything should be appropriate and in moderation. And most importantly, the font must be readable.

An example of the original font

An example of the original font

An example of the original font

4. Add a pinch of brutality

How to keep up with the “brutal” trend? The recipe is simple: use base colors when designing your designs, focusing on colored or white blocks, and leave more free space.

Important! Colors should be displayed correctly in any browser and on any type of device.

5. Good old minimalism

Minimalism is really a veteran of web design, as it consistently appears on all sorts of lists of trends from year to year. It will not do without it in the upcoming 2019. Why do we love minimalism? For conciseness, for airiness, for a limited, but such a correct number of colors. Isn’t this Zen and the Art of Web Design?

Minimalism in design

Minimalism in design

6. Parallax effect

With the help of the parallax effect, you can “revive” the site. When scrolling the site, layers (text, elements and images) move at different speeds, due to this, the design becomes dynamic and creates a certain effect of presence that attracts the user’s attention.

Example of animation on the site

Example of animation on the site

7. I always take a video camera with me …

Let’s move away from statistics and move on to forecasts: next year, video content will capture more than 80% of all Internet traffic. Get ready for the fact that videos will appear even more often not only on social networks, but also on most sites. Therefore, we forget about stock photos, arm ourselves with a video camera (or rather, we turn to professionals) and go to shoot content for the site.

Video on the first screen of the site

Which of the listed trends will really be popular next year, we will see soon. If you want to follow the trends, please contact us – we will help you create a modern, attractive and effective website. And if you already have a website and want to update it, we will do a redesign.

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