What is technical SEO?

What is technical SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is nothing more than an optimization process aimed at improving the position of a particular website in the search results of Google or Yandex. The process is complex and has many different elements. Their group, of course, includes technical issues. Taking care of the so-called technical SEO is the main condition for websites whose owners dream of reaching high rankings.

Basically, this term describes a set of actions aimed at improving the technical quality of a website. The actions taken by website developers and builders should always be SEO-friendly. In other words, the very process of creating a website greatly influences its further position in Google and Yandex. When you are ripe to order SEO from an agency or a private specialist, pay your attention not only to the selection of the semantic core, the purchase of links and articles, but also to the technical aspects of promotion, since they account for more than 50% of the success and growth of positions.

Components of technical SEO

It is difficult to isolate all the technical elements of SEO. The process is not straightforward and includes many actions and aspects that need to be considered. As a rule, in order for a user to find a website in a search engine, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct optimization and positioning actions. Key words, links from external sites, etc. are important. However, we must not forget about the quality and technical condition of the site. Below are a few examples of the most important technical SEO components.

Meta tags

The main purpose of meta title and meta description tags is to give a name to the website and specific subpages, as well as add descriptions that are displayed in the search engine. A meta title is nothing more than a website title, which must be between 55 and 70 characters long. A meta description is a description of a page with basic information about the home page or specific subpages. This description shouldn’t be long. 155-170 characters are enough. Proper preparation of such passages can significantly increase site traffic, as search engine users are more likely to click through a link under the influence of a well-written description.

Site load time

A very important technical element that influences the position of a website in the search engine is the website loading speed. If the site loads quickly and users do not have to wait long for it to be displayed, the risk of it being closed is significantly reduced. Pages that take a long time to load make you nervous. In addition, fast loading of the site is important not only for the users themselves, but also for the search engine algorithms.

Influence of headings

The content of a website also has a significant impact on its position in search engines. Headings are very important elements of this content. The content itself must be unique, of high quality, but its placement on the site is also important. The main purpose of headings is to properly organize content and establish its hierarchy on the page. Thanks to headers, users can quickly and easily browse a website looking for information of interest, answers to important questions, etc. Appropriate header layout is also very important for search engine algorithms that value not only quality and popularity, but also well-organized content.

Website adaptation for mobile devices

Nowadays, many people use tablets, internet phones, and other mobile devices. It is not surprising that today a website adapted for mobile devices is the responsibility of everyone who wants to achieve high positions. Many people choose to search for information, shop and browse websites on their phones. In March 2018, Google introduced the Mobile First Index, in which the mobile version of a website plays an important role in ranking in search results. The lack of a mobile version of the website, long load times or difficulty reading will drastically worsen the website’s position in the search engine.

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