Website promotion through Pinterest

Website promotion through Pinterest

Looking for a new channel to promote your business? Try Pinterest!

Pinterest is a social service that focuses on visual content. Users can search Pinterest for ideas for anything (recipes, style, home comfort, etc.), save pictures (“Pins”) to themselves in a collection (called “boards”), and create new ones.

In addition, users can post their own images themselves. Each such picture has the ability to add a description and a link to the site.

Scrolling through the Pinterest feed, you can get stuck for long, long hours (as happened to me while writing this article). Too much fun this activity, what to say. Just look at this beauty – such an issue on request “interior design”. Well, a fairy tale!

interior design Pinterest

Yes, you say, “This is all great, but what does business care? What to take from this? ” The point is that Pinterest is useful not only for ordinary users who are looking for beautiful pictures on some topic, but also for business owners, as this is one of the ways to promote a website. Don’t believe me? Now we will prove it to you.

Why it is worth promoting your site through Pinterest

To begin with, I will give a few numbers:

  • Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users;
  • The likelihood that a user will click on a brand’s site link on Pinterest is 3 times more likely than on any other platform;
  • 80% of users discover a new brand or product on Pinterest every week;
  • More than 25% of visits to Pinterest are related to the search and purchase of goods;
  • 4 out of 10 Pinterest users use the platform to find brands and their products.

Yes, this service is not as popular as, for example, VK, YouTube or Instagram, but its potential is huge. While few in Russia have spotted its promotion opportunities, you may be the first to hop on this carriage and get ahead of your competitors, grabbing a good chunk of traffic to your site.

Those who use this platform to promote their site note that now it is Pinterest that brings them most of the traffic.

First, Pinterest is great because it helps you drive free traffic to your site. And secondly – which is no less important – according to statistics, it is mainly the solvent public that lives there.

Another argument is that images from Pinterest rank very well in search engines when looking for images.

drawing ideas on Pinterest

In addition to helping drive traffic to your site, Pinterest is also a good alternative to crowd marketing. Judge for yourself – links to your site will be posted on a large site that is popular with the audience and trusted by search engines. Plus, users will distribute pins with your links themselves if they like the content. Links are taken into account by search engines.

links from Pinterest

Even if your site has nothing to do with visual content (for example, you want to promote the site of a marketing agency), promotion through Pinterest is still available to you, because you can post various infographics. Users love this content too.

For example, such an issue on the request “SMM”:

SMM on Pinterest

However, I note that this method of attracting traffic is only suitable for those sites that are promoted throughout Russia. For narrow regional projects, unfortunately, promotion through Pinterest is not suitable.

How promoting on Pinterest is different from promoting on Instagram

Instagram is also a social network with an emphasis on visuals, but otherwise they are completely different platforms.

For example, on Instagram you cannot use links (they are not clickable), unlike Pinterest, where you can go directly to the site and make a purchase. But on Instagram, it is easier for a brand to interact with the public, share information about the company, get feedback from customers, etc.

In addition, in Instagram, the emphasis is still on showing itself in a favorable light, embellishing information, the so-called “dusting the eye”. And on Pinterest, you can just concentrate on the product / product itself, its image and description. And nothing more.

What topics are suitable for promotion on Pinterest

The most popular searches are related to the following topics:

  • Home design / home decor

    home decor on Pinterest

  • Style

    style on Pinterest

  • clothing

    clothes on Pinterest

  • beauty

    beauty on Pinterest

  • Health

    health on Pinterest

  • Fitness

    fitness on Pinterest

  • Travels

    travel on Pinterest

  • Wedding

    wedding on Pinterest

  • Party

    parties on Pinterest

  • Party Ideas

    holiday ideas on Pinterest

So, if you still decide and want to try this promotion method, here’s an algorithm for what and how to do.

Instructions for promoting a site through Pinterest

Follow our guidelines and you will get an additional source of traffic to your site – and it’s free.

  1. Creation of a profile and registration of an account

    Sign up on Pinterest and add a descriptive keyword description in your account settings. Provide a simple and understandable name, upload a high-quality image to your avatar.

    changing your profile on Pinterest

    For example, this is how Lifehacker’s profile looks on Pinterest:

    Lifehacker on Pinterest

    And so – the marketing agency Rusability:

    Rusability on Pinterest

  2. Connecting a business account

    To use additional features of the service (for example, view statistics), connect a business account in the settings.

    connecting a business account on Pinterest

    To do this, create and complete a profile, and then verify ownership of your site (this can be done by adding an HTML tag, HTML file, or DNS TXT record to your domain registrar).

  3. Board decoration

    In the name of the boards (remember, these are collections with content), use keywords. Make everything aesthetically pleasing and beautiful so that users want to stay and view each of your collections.

    I do not recommend removing boards, even if they are no longer relevant. Users can follow them. The best solution would be to rename the board and update the content on it, add new images.

    Arrange the boards in order of priority: at the top – the most relevant and relevant, at the bottom – the least. This is necessary so that the user who is on the page with your boards immediately understands on what topic the pins are here.

    For example, the following boards on the Glamor magazine profile:

    Glamor boards on Pinterest

  4. Account promotion

    Everything is quite simple here – you need to add new pins on an ongoing basis, preferably every day. If you sell products, add product photos to Pinterest with a link to the site.

    Do you have a tattoo studio website? Share photos of tattoos. Blogging about cooking – post photos of dishes with links to recipe pages. Doing interior design – upload photos of projects. In general, it all depends on the scope of your company.

    For example, here is a pin with a link to a product (underwear).

    underwear on Pinterest

    Or a pin with a link to a section of the Amazon store with various posters.

    poster on Pinterest

    And here, for example, a pin with a pancake recipe with a link to the corresponding page on the culinary blog site.

    Pancake recipe on Pinterest

When adding pins, it is important to consider the advice of the service.

Recommendations for images on Pinterest

  • Use vertical images with an aspect ratio of 2: 3 (for example, 1000 × 1500 pixels). Other formats can sometimes be cut off
  • Use images that put your product in the spotlight
  • Avoid abstractions and simply beautiful photographs that are not directly related to your brand
  • Add an unobtrusive logo of your brand to all images (but not in the lower right corner) – this will increase your brand awareness
  • Putting a short text on the pin will help to attract the attention of users
  • Use a clear and understandable title (maximum length 100 characters) with description (maximum length 500 characters)

Recommendations for video content

That’s right, on Pinterest you can also upload videos to grab the attention of users.

  • Use concise videos with a clear presentation of your ideas (recommended length – videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute, for commercials – from 6 to 15 seconds)
  • Focus on the video itself rather than the soundtrack, as many people watch videos without sound. For convenience, you can overlay text on video or subtitles
  • Use a catchy cover so that it is immediately clear what the video is about
  • Add a clear title + video description


It can be helpful to use hashtags to expand your reach. This will make users more likely to see your Pins.

The principle of using hashtags is the same as on Instagram. If you don’t know how to select tags correctly, our article will become your lifesaver.

An example of using hashtags in a pin description:

hashtags on Pinterest


It is also important to use keywords to promote on Pinterest (users search for content on Pinterest for them) – write them in the title and description.


Do not forget to include a link to your site in the corresponding field when uploading a pin. The link should lead to a relevant page (with a product or section related to the topic of the Pin).

Target action

To push the user to go to the site, you can use the target action in the description, for example, “Order the product by link”, “Read the blog article”, “See the details on the site.”

Adding a pin

To add a pin, go to your profile, click on the plus sign on the right and choose what we want to create – a board or a pin.

how to add a pin on Pinterest

Then we upload the image, add a title and description (using keywords), and also provide a link to the site. That’s all.

upload pin to Pinterest

Examples of successful promotion through Pinterest

Many brands in Russia are already promoting via Pinterest. For example, Eksmo publishing house, Aviasales, etc. In their profiles, you can see the number of views per month and estimate the amount of traffic they receive from this platform.

For example, here’s the Airbnb company profile:

Airbnb on Pinterest

They have 126 thousand subscribers and over 10 million views per month. Pretty good result.

And this is how their boards look like:

Airbnb boards on Pinterest

The Mel educational portal, for example, posts publications on how to raise children correctly and shares useful tips on child psychology.

Chalk on Pinterest

They have 101.4 thousand subscribers and 2 million views per month.

The popular service Aviasales on Pinterest has 278 subscribers and 1.1 thousand views per month. See how beautiful their pins are:

Aviasales on Pinterest

But not only big and well-known brands can increase conversions through Pinterest. Also, owners of small and medium-sized businesses pay attention to this platform.

For example, the I Buy blog posts fashion, style and beauty pins on Pinterest with links to their site.

I buy on Pinterest

They have 74.8 thousand subscribers and over 10 million views per month.

And this is how blogger Varvara Lyalagina’s profile about blogging looks like.

blogger profile on Pinterest

She already has 11.9 thousand subscribers and 1.5 million views per month.

Analysis of the effect of promotion through Pinterest

To track promotion results, use the Pinterest statistics available on business accounts, as well as analytics counters from Yandex and Google. Check out Pinterest stats to see which pins are most popular, click-throughs, who your audience is, and more.

By the way, we have written articles about important reports in Yandex.Metrica, as well as how to analyze traffic sources. You can read it, it will suddenly be useful.


In general, we can safely say that Pinterest is a very attractive platform for driving additional traffic to the site. However, it is worth remembering that this promotion method is not suitable for everyone. If, nevertheless, there is a place for your topic, go for it and everything will work out. =)

And if you are worried that you will not be able to deal with this service on your own, please contact us for a promotion strategy. We will help you draw up a plan for a spectacular appearance on the market. =)

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