Website layout training course – website layout, html5, css3, bootstrap, responsiveness and jquery

Обучение верстка сайтов HTML5 CSS3

Hi everyone! Time flies by, and the recruitment of the 6th stream of training on site layout starts. If you have been following the blog for a long time, and do not know how to get started with web development, then I recommend starting with the basics, the most accessible and necessary. With HTML markup.

I teach layout from scratch, in 2 months, even if you have never tried to write HTML markup, program and have never worked with something more complicated than Word or Excel before.

I will make this post in the form of questions and answers that people often ask when registering for training.

Questions and answers about learning on the course
“Layout of sites HTML5 CSS3”

What time and what days will the training take place?
– Every Tuesday and Thursday from 21-00 to 22-00 Moscow time. A detailed schedule can be requested in the consultant’s chat on the course page.

Where does the training take place?
– Training takes place online. Thus, you can study at home, or from anywhere with the Internet. Online meetings are held in the webinar room, there are also separate video lessons and instructions that you download and follow, pdf manuals with instructions and cheat sheets. For communication, we use Skype chat and a closed Vkontakte group.

Is there a money back / refund?
– Yes, if after the first lesson or during the first week you realize that the information on the course is not for you, I will refund the payment for the course upon first request.

What technical knowledge is needed to participate?
– It is necessary to be able to use a computer at the level of an ordinary user. The course is designed for beginners and completely newbies, so no special knowledge in layout or programming is required. We will master all this on the course.

Is this course right for me?
– The course is suitable for beginners and beginner layout designers. And also for those who know how to make up but feel that they have gaps and want to close the layout issue for themselves forever. On the course, we go through everything you need to know for website layout in HTML5 and CSS3. We are also learning to connect jQuery library plugins to add interactivity to our pages – to make carousels, galleries, modal windows, animation.

Can I pay for the course in installments?
– Yes, you can pay for participation in the course in 2 installments. BEFORE the start of the course, pay 50% of its cost, and the second 50% before the 3rd week of training. To pay in parts, write to me on Vkontakte.

Will there be videos?
– Yes, if you missed one of the webinars, you can watch the recording the next day. The recording of each webinar will be available the next day after it.

How much does participation cost?
– Study in a group of 9’900 rubles ($ 140 or 3800 UAH). Individual training within the course – $ 300.

Conditions for participation, course program and other details can be found at the link ↓

Description and program of the course

Sign up for a course

Update. The course starts in September / October 2016 (but no later than October 17th) as soon as the group is recruited. The number of available places is indicated on the course description page.

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