Website layout training course. From beginner to pro in 35 days. New stream from May 10th.

Обучение курс по верстке сайтов от новичка до профи

It seems that the fourth stream of training started just recently, on February 1. Today I am already planning the fifth stream. Which starts on May 10th.

The 4th stream ended, everyone had excellent results, I especially like to track when a person comes to the course from scratch and goes all the way in a month. I must say that the program of the course has increased, and as a result, the course now takes not 4, but 5 weeks. Despite the fact that all the information was given in a compact and clear on the case. On the course, we teach specific practical techniques that are used in site layout.

All students noted that the program is very rich and intense. This also applies to knowledge, classes and homework.

But after completing such a good course, after 5 weeks the students are deservedly and rightfully proud of the results they have received. Since it is simply unrealistic to master in practice such a volume of skills alone.

By the way, students’ reviews can be read in the group on VK or watch video reviews on the page with the course

After this course, I plan to do some small and very interesting tutorials at the request of the students. But more on that later 😉

And now the preparation and start of the 5th stream. For those who want to master the creation of websites, start studying IT and take a step in their development and earnings, I’m waiting on the course. Since work in the IT industry today is one of the most demanded and promising. And learning the basics of layout and website creation is the first step into this wonderful world.

Also now on the youtube channel I am starting the release of a series of training videos on the basics of layout. Watch the video about code editors and the first lesson about the basics of HTML layout.

Good luck to everyone, and bye!)

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