TOP 7 mistakes of a beginner freelancer

TOP 7 mistakes of a beginner freelancer

1. Why should I place orders for free (or for a small amount)? It won’t make me money.

It may not bring money, but it will give experience and feedback (and if you do it well, it is possible that you will also be a permanent partner). I myself started with free 2-3 orders, after which I received the first order for money. Remember! Without reviews and works (preferably real), you will not be able to get a loyal customer.

2. Work without prepayment

This is really a VERY painful problem for many beginning freelancers (and I also faced it). You work without prepayment, place an order, and then the customer does not get in touch. Who needs it? Nobody. It is better to refuse an order than to do it and get nothing.

3. Inability to say “no”

This error follows from the previous one. You should be able to say no. Even if the order is for a really big money, but you are seriously not satisfied with any aspect of the order, it is better to refuse.

4. Wrong awareness of your level

Imagine you have just learned HTML and CSS, you were given an order. But you need a really good knowledge of JavaScript to do it. What will you do, how to deliver the project to the workers and on time? Yes, there is an option that you, by googling, will be able to find a solution. And if not? It is better to take orders according to your abilities.

5. You do not have your own site / portfolio / domain for the site

Not to say that this was a super important problem, but having your own website (more for a layout designer) also shows your experience in development. Yes, you can place your portfolio anywhere, but I still recommend starting a website. And if you are making your own site, do not use free, somehow working domains or github. Your site must be on your domain.

6. Work 12-16 hours a day

Many aspiring freelancers are faced with this. You probably already understood that freelancing is not pictures from the Internet, where a person works at a computer on the beach (just like a thumbnail for a post :)). But you do not need to turn yourself from a free person (and this is how a freelancer is positioned) into a slave. Google it, read books on time management and manage your time wisely. After all, if you work 12 hours every day … do you think you will soon get tired of freelancing?

7. At the first examination of the task that they want to give you – read / look carefully

Always be careful during the first inspection of the assignment. If you notice that somewhere there is no description of any thing (for example, how to make a drop-down menu?), Immediately ask the customer. If you don’t know the whole project thoroughly, you risk running into a huge bunch of edits later.


This was a short list of mistakes a beginner freelancer makes. And I, and perhaps you did them. But now, knowing about them, you can finally work properly.

See you soon!

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