The effect of SEO support: what to expect and in what time frame?

The effect of SEO support: what to expect and in what time frame?

Rumor has it that SEO is dead. Yes, there have been a lot of significant changes in SEO in recent years. Those methods that were effectively used earlier now almost do not work, and some may even bring a negative result. But nevertheless, attracting visitors to the site from search engines and the struggle for a place in the top of the search results is still relevant.

Today, search engines have become cooler, changed algorithms and demand quality from sites. Search engines, in particular Yandex, look at which company is behind the site, i.e. also evaluates the business itself.

When doing SEO support, we often face a number of misconceptions and overestimated expectations of our clients. A person thought / believed / expected one thing, based on his not entirely correct knowledge, and the results turn out to be completely different – as a result, we “turn out to be scammers”.

Let’s take a look at what should be adequately expected from SEO work, in what time frame and by what parameters the result should be assessed.

As part of our service SEO-website promotion on a subscription basis, for each resource, an individual work plan is developed for 3 months in order to build a clear strategy. The plan is created based on the indicators of the site and the tasks of the client.

What is important to understand before starting to conquer the top of the organic search TOP:

You need to evaluate the effect of SEO no earlier than 3-4 months after the completion of the work. Why so long? Because it takes search engines time to index a resource and apply changes.

There is no 100% guarantee. Unfortunately, no guarantees can be given in the field of SEO. The last word is always with the search engines, in addition, there are competitors who are also working on the site. Here’s what Google says about this:

website promotion in google

SEO does not guarantee website sales. SEO works are aimed at increasing positions in the search results, therefore, traffic to the site. But selling is already the task of the site itself. The design, user-friendliness of the resource itself and many other factors can affect the conversion.

What do I get then? How to evaluate the result of the work?

  1. Correct indexing of the resource. The first thing to start with is to conduct an SEO audit of the site. We identify technical errors that hinder promotion, incorrect internal optimization. Based on the audit results, we formulate a technical task, a list of clear improvements, correcting them, indexing improves and nothing prevents successful promotion.

    site indexing

  2. Growth of positions for keywords with which they worked. Semantic core queries that were used in tags and when writing texts.

    Inquiries 04/23/2019 02/07/2019
    production of body products one 4
    non-ferrous metal cutting 2 10
    pressing in hardware 2 2
    laser cutting of non-ferrous metals 2 2
    welding of hardware 4 eight
    contact welding services 4 13
    case products eight 49
    contact welding in moscow eight fourteen
    laser cutting of non-ferrous metals eight fifty
    cheap laser cutting metal 10 53
    prices for laser cutting of metal in moscow eleven 36
    laser cutting prices 13 29
    prices for laser cutting metals 17 25
    laser cut stainless steel 18 38
    laser cutting of aluminum in moscow twenty 17
    laser cut aluminum 21 27
    laser cutting of metal moscow cheap 21 63
    laser cutting of stainless steel in moscow 24 31
    laser cutting of metal price per meter 24 44
    laser cut brass 25 38
    laser cutting metal 25 38
    laser cut 26
    laser cutting metal price 26 40
    laser cutting of metal moscow price 27 56
    laser cutting of metal moscow 28
    welding of fasteners 29
    laser cutting of metals thirty 43
    laser cutting of metal in moscow 33 25
    production of metal cases 33
    laser cut copper 33 32
    sheet metal bending services 34
    laser cutting metal to order 37 56
    the cost of laser cutting metal 39 67
    laser cutting of alloys 42 29
    laser cutting of metal Moscow and Moscow region 45
    laser cutting in moscow fifty
    metal laser cutting services 63 97
    metal processing in moscow 81
    metalworking according to drawings 86
    metalworking to order 90
    sheet metal laser cutting 92 84
    laser cutting services 93
  3. Improved behavioral factors. We carry out work on usability, analyze the site from the point of view of the user and convenience for him. We use LSI copywriting. The time spent on the site improves, the depth of browsing improves, and the number of bounces decreases.

    indicator time on site

    site browsing depth

    site bounce rate

  4. Increased traffic from search engines. Since we have an increase in positions for keywords, therefore, we see a positive dynamics of growth in traffic from the PS.

    traffic growth on the site

What can hinder us?

  1. Incomplete provision of access or lack of access. When applying for a service, you must trust us. To transfer access from the site, we have a special encrypted section. Sometimes clients can do some work on their own, or they have specially trained employees, but more often they have questions (or something accidentally broke), and we cannot help, because we do not see the site from the inside.

    Incomplete provision of access or lack of access

  2. Intervention in the process. We are professionals with many years of experience and know our business very well. But there were cases in practice when clients rejected all our recommendations, work plans, warnings and insisted on their own: “I am a customer, I pay money, do as I said / I am an artist, I see it that way.” In this case, there can be no talk of a positive effect.

    Intervention in the process

  3. Edits, revisions, revisions. We are always ready to listen to the client, because no one knows your business better than you. Therefore, we always clarify all the nuances. But repeated biased and unreasoned edits reduce the efficiency of work, and also delay the deadlines.

    Edits, revisions, revisions

  4. Hi, how are you? Always happy to chat, but conversations should be to the point. We need to save each other’s time.

    Hi, how are you?

  5. Minimum budget. Much also depends on monetary investments. Competition in the region, in business, affects the increase in the check. That is, it is unrealistic to promote to the top a site dealing with the installation of plastic windows in Moscow with a budget of 20,000 rubles / month in 3 months.

    Minimum budget

Client sites for us are like our own children, whose successes we are proud of, but we are very worried about the falls. Indeed, in each site we put a part of ourselves and hope for reciprocity ❤

If you are planning to conquer the tops of the TOP, we are looking forward to seeing you on the SEO-support service.

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