Обучение курс по верстке сайтов от новичка до профи

Website layout training course. From beginner to pro in 35 days. New stream from May 10th.

It seems that the fourth stream of training started just recently, on February 1. Today I am already planning... Read More
Все о HTML верстке email писем: 60 полезных ресурсов

All About HTML Email Layout: 60 Useful Resources, Tutorials, Tutorials & Research

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Responsive layout - features, advantages, ways of implementation

Responsive layout – features, advantages, ways of implementation

According to statistics, mobile devices accounted for more than half of the traffic in 2020. In turn, adaptive layout... Read More
Частые ошибки при HTML верстке сайтов. Имена файлов в проекте

Frequent mistakes in site layout. File names in the project

A few simple rules, following which, you will avoid a lot of problems with links, images, pages, scripts and... Read More
Brackets - подборка самых полезных плагинов для верстальщика сайтов

Brackets – a selection of the most useful plugins for a website layout designer

Friends, you are probably all familiar with such a code editor as Brackets, if, nevertheless, there are people who... Read More