SEO Trends in 2021: What’s Important to Know

SEO Trends in 2021: What's Important to Know

The SEO industry is an industry that is changing at a very high speed. Every year search engines show us new ranking algorithms, and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with SEO trends. About 10 years ago, almost everyone could get to the top of the search results, it was enough to “fill” the text with key queries and buy more links on the exchange. Today, such promotion methods will work against you, and to be in the TOP, it will take a lot of knowledge, time and money.

Now search engines pay attention to almost every detail: the quality and uniqueness of content, technical parameters, external optimization, adaptation for mobile and much more. We talked in great detail about the advancement in our two-part manual (here are the first and second parts). In those articles, we touched upon almost all aspects of website promotion on the Internet and even beyond, taking into account the current SEO trends of recent years.

In the same article, I will tell you what is new to expect from the search engine promotion industry in 2021, what to look for and what must be applied on your resource.

But first, let’s remember what important happened in SEO over the past 2020. I present to you a short overview of the main events of Yandex and Google. I note that search engines had much more interesting things, but I have highlighted the most significant events in my opinion.

Important events in Yandex in 2020

Fig. 1. Important events in Yandex in 2020

  1. Working on Turbo pages. Yandex is actively working on Turbo pages. New features appear: carousels for snippets, the ability to pay online on turbo pages, connect comments, start parsing and more. Yandex has a lot of plans for Turbo Pages and, apparently, they will remain one of the main SEO trends of 2021. Yandex perfectly promotes Turbo pages, and errors about their absence in Yandex.Webmaster are almost critical.

  2. Yandex services. The number of Yandex services is growing every year at such a pace that monopolization is coming soon. In 2020, Yandex.Pharmacies, Yandex.Ads, Messenger and more appeared. It is almost impossible to bypass Yandex services and wizards in search results, and the task of webmasters today is not to compete with them, but to cooperate. I’ll talk about this a little later.

  3. Launching the YATI algorithm. YATI analyzes the texts of search queries and sites that are shown for these queries in order to display expert texts in the TOP that give a complete and high-quality answer to the user’s query.

    Those. high-quality texts that meet the user’s request as much as possible are also important for promotion, and in 2021 this criterion will continue to be significant.

    If you still do not know what this algorithm is and how it differs from the previous Palekh and Korolev, I advise you to read the article

  4. The first mentions of the analogue of Google – EAT. Google pays a lot of attention to texts, and in 2018 the search engine launched the EAT algorithm, which remains relevant to this day. The abbreviation stands for expertise, authority and reliability. We talked about the algorithm in detail here.

Google has been practicing EAT copywriting for a long time, but Yandex, perhaps, is just starting its way of working with expert articles, and I think that in 2021 such texts will become more significant in promotion.

Important events on Google in 2020

Fig. 2. Important events on Google in 2020

There were much more interesting events in Google in 2020, but I will highlight the most significant ones that are likely to be relevant in the coming 2021.

  1. CoreWebVitals was launched in 2020, but this signal will become the main one in 2021 and will have a potential impact on the ranking and position of the site in search results.

    For Google, one of the main parameters is the usability of the site for users – Core Web Vitals will take into account the speed, visual stability and responsiveness of LCP, FID, CLS.

    Observing these parameters is now critically important, so if you are not “in the know” yet, I advise you to read the article.

  2. Google Passage Indexing. At one of the conferences in 2020, John Mueller spoke about the search by passages (fragments of text) – Passage Indexing. Now, at the request of the user, not the general text and the page from the very beginning will be shown, but a sentence or paragraph that clearly answers the user’s request.

    Let me give you an example: you ask the question “when to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse”, and the very first page of the issue will give you the answer, but first you need to read a huge text, paragraphs about choosing seeds, preparing the soil, favorable days according to the lunar calendar, etc. And voila – somewhere in the penultimate paragraph of a huge text, you will finally find the answer that it is better to transplant cucumbers into a greenhouse around the beginning of May.

    So, a search by passages from Google will save time and not read huge texts and a bunch of unnecessary information, and first of all, a fragment with an answer to a question will be displayed. But so far such a search has not been launched and is not operational.

  3. Mobile First Index. In 2019, the Mobile First Index algorithm was launched, in September 2020 a full transition to it was supposed to take place, but Covid disrupted Google’s plans. And now the transfer of web resources to the mobile-first index has been postponed to March 2021.

    Mobile devices in 2021, as well as in 2020, are an important SEO trend. According to statistics, the share of Google mobile traffic accounts for 80%, more and more users use the Internet from smartphones. Therefore, mobility is an important criterion in promotion.

  4. Google Podcasts. Google is doing a lot of work on the Google application. Podcasts and podcasts in general are gaining more and more popularity every day, and podcasting is becoming a new SEO trend for disseminating information.

  5. YouTube. Google is increasingly integrating with Yotube, the search engine has begun to show extended snippets from YouTube channels more often, the functionality of the search engine and video hosting is more and more synchronized.

    During the pandemic, YouTube traffic has grown significantly, and, according to experts, the number of users will only grow in 2021 and 2022. Yotube is becoming a very important SEO trend of 2021 to be used to promote your business.

Briefly, but I think about everything important from 2020, I told. She even hinted at what awaits us in 2021, what it will be necessary to work on and what to pay attention to. I propose to bring everything together point by point so as not to miss anything.

SEO Trends of 2021: What’s Important to Do?

Briefly, but I talked about everything important from 2020. She even hinted at what awaits us in 2021, what it will be necessary to work on and what to pay attention to. I propose to bring everything together point by point so as not to miss anything.

Core Web Vitals

Fig. 3. Core Web Vitals

  1. Optimizing for Google Mobile First. If the site is not adapted for mobile devices, then this problem should be solved immediately. Otherwise, after switching to Mobile First Index, traffic will be lost and positions will be underestimated.

    Optimize the site for different mobile devices, be sure to test so that it is as convenient as possible on gadgets with different parameters, and all the elements are working. Take care of fast loading speed, because the mobile Internet is usually slower, which means that the pages should be “lighter”, conveniently arrange buttons, texts and important elements so that nothing interferes with the user when searching for information on your site through the gadget.

    For those whose site has not yet been adapted for mobile issuance, an article to help.

  2. Optimization for EAT. The EAT algorithm will be relevant in 2021, so you should take care of the expertise of your content.

    Google is interested in that all articles provide reliable and expert information, and not written by pseudo-experts who do not understand anything about the topic under discussion.

    On indicator EAT is influenced by the following factors:

    1. The author of the text is an expert. For example, if the text is medical, its author must be a qualified doctor, and a car mechanic, etc., must write the text about car repair.
    2. There are links to primary sources, all information is objective, expert and consistent.
    3. There is confirmation of your expertise, for example, you are quoted by authoritative sources, there are reviews.
    4. There are positive reviews on the resource itself.
    5. The “About Us” page is well filled, there is information about the company, its goals, activities, certificates, etc.
  3. We work with Turbo pages. Implement Turbo pages, otherwise Yandex will do it for you.

    By the way, connecting Turbo pages is not so difficult, as we have described here.

  4. Optimization for finding passages. Google will significantly improve search results by showing the user exactly the piece of text that answers his question. To make the materials from your texts appear in the SERP as passages, try to:

    • Divide texts into blocks according to meaning.
    • Use headings to separate texts.
    • Structure the articles correctly.
    • Write enough text while fully answering the user’s question. Try to place your keywords in the first paragraph.
  5. User Content. Quality content is not only the SEO trend of 2021, but also the trend of the last few years. Representatives of search engines now and then at all events repeat: “make websites for people. “This means, as before, you need to try to understand your target audience, simplify her work and present the most high-quality and interesting material.

    It’s not just about unique optimized texts – now it is important to use different formats: videos, infographics, diagrams, maps, etc. For example, many users will prefer watching a video review of fashionable clothes of the season, rather than reading a text, or want to know the price of gasoline – provide them pivot table, etc.

  6. Podcasts. Podcasting is gaining momentum, and this trend will continue in 2021 and beyond. By distributing podcasts across platforms, you will receive natural links to your site and additional traffic.

  7. Youtube – one of the main trends in 2021, it must not be overlooked. Create more videos, conduct interviews, webinars, advertise in descriptions, drive additional traffic from YouTube to your resource, etc.

  8. Optimize your search space. It is extremely difficult to get to the top of the search results: by entering the required query, at the beginning of the search, we will see contextual advertising, then sorcerers, marketplaces, aggregators, etc.

    Search results

    Fig. 4. Search results

    Therefore, in addition to the SEO of the resource itself, we advise you to actively optimize the search space. The search space means all the sources from where the user can find out about you: search, aggregators (Avito, Zoon, etc.), Yandex services (which, as we learned earlier, are becoming more and more every year), marketplaces, websites. testers, etc.

  9. Increase the credibility of your resource. Authority and trust are very important in promoting now, work more on the company’s reputation on the network, pay attention to reviews, stimulate discussion on different sources with the appearance of backlinks, etc.

  10. Optimize your site for voice search. Another important SEO trend in recent years is voice search. Approximately 55% of smartphone users search for something on mobile devices through a voice assistant. This trend will definitely not disappear in 2021 and the next few years, so take care of optimizing for voice search.

    We described how to do this here.


Analyzing what happened in 2020 and anticipating the SEO trends of 2021, we can conclude that the promotion trends have not changed much. You still need to create sites for users, ensure their fast and correct operation, work on the quality of content, do not forget about the mobile issue, improve trust and authority. But we will not guess – perhaps the search engines will still greatly surprise us this year. =)

In the meantime, we advise you not to waste time and implement for your projects everything that you learned about from the article. And if you need the help of professionals in SEO-promotion, then the specialists of the 1PS.RU service are always at your service.

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