Requirements for websites of educational organizations in 2021

Requirements for websites of educational organizations in 2021

Rosobrnadzor approved a list of updates to Order No. 831. Since January 2021, when developing official resources of institutions, along with the need to create a modern design with adaptive layout and ensure high page loading speed, it will be necessary to take into account the current requirements for filling educational sites.

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Home page

The new order regulates in detail the technical functions and content of the portal. The home page should now provide quick access to all major sections. Among the mandatory ones, it is worth highlighting “Information about the educational organization.” It serves as a unifying function and makes it easier for users to navigate.

An example of the main page of the university website
An example of the main page of the university website

Section “Information about the educational organization”

All basic information must be placed in this block. The data can be presented both as a set of pages and as a list of links. Access should be provided not only on the “Main”, but also in the user menu of the portal of the educational organization.

Section “Information about the educational organization”

Other requirements include the availability of the main blocks without the need for registration; availability of links to explanatory information related to the section. It may also contain additional materials intended to familiarize users.

According to the requirements for the structure of the official website of the educational organization, eleven subsections must be placed on the page. In addition to them, the introduction of two additional ones is available: “Educational standards” and “Scholarships and measures to support students.” Their formation is not compulsory.

Basic information

The section should contain up-to-date information about the name, location of the institution, the date of its creation, the nature of the activities carried out, the mode, the work schedule, etc. It is also necessary to indicate information about the structure, subject to the presence of representative offices and branches both in Russia and abroad. For the convenience of visitors, you will need to fill out a block with contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses and valid links to additional resources.

The structure and governing bodies of the educational organization

Here there should be up-to-date data on the structure of the educational institution with a detailed indication of the names, location of governing bodies, data on officials. Also, in the block it is necessary to place contact information related to the listed divisions, confirming that the organization belongs to the documentation.


In this subsection, you will need to place the charter, rules of procedure, a report on the results of self-examination. If the relevant documents are available, a certificate of state accreditation, a collective agreement, instructions of supervisory authorities and official confirmation of their implementation should be made publicly available.

Other documents must include local acts. Among them are materials on the procedure, grounds and rules for admission, transfer, expulsion, as well as the mode of study, control of certification and progress, relations between the institution, parents, students.


In the subsection, it is necessary to have up-to-date information about the programs being implemented, indicating the names, as well as available forms of training, the period of validity of accreditation. Here it is necessary to list disciplines, courses, subjects, modules, languages ​​in which classes are held.

The visitor should provide information about the use of ICT, the content and level of educational programs, the standards applied, the number of students, the main areas of training and research, the results of entrance examinations, licenses to conduct activities, etc.

Leadership. Pedagogical (scientific and pedagogical) staff

In the block it is required to place information about the head of the institution, his deputies, heads of branches or representative offices, teachers of each of the programs being implemented. Among the data required to indicate the surname, name, patronymic, e-mail address, contact phone number. For employee pages, there are also qualifications, educational level, length of service, information about academic degree, rank, professional retraining, etc.

Material and technical support and equipment of the educational process

Here you need to place data on specially equipped classrooms for training sessions, facilities for sporting events and practices, libraries, teaching aids available to teachers. Relevant requirements also oblige to provide information about health protection, created nutritional conditions, availability in the institution of free access to information systems and additional resources necessary in the process of mastering programs.

Paid educational services

The subsection is reserved for electronic documents that provide users with information on the approval of the cost of training by the management, depending on the features of the program, as well as the procedure for rendering services.

Financial and economic activities

The content of the subsection should reflect information on the volume of educational activities carried out, funding both from budgetary funds and in accordance with contracts for the provision of paid services. In the block, it is necessary to provide information on receipts and expenditures at the end of the year, place a copy of the corresponding approved plan or budget estimate.

Vacancies for admission (transfer) of students

The block must contain information on the number of available places for translation, depending on the program, specialty, direction of training, and the profession being implemented. Among other things, it is necessary to indicate their maximum number both for admission at the expense of budgetary funding and funds of legal entities or individuals.

Accessible environment

The page should contain materials related to health protection, created conditions for education, nutrition for people with disabilities and disabled people. These may include data confirming the presence of specially equipped libraries, classrooms, facilities for sports and practice, canteens.

Also, there should be information indicating the provision of unhindered access for such students to the building of the institution, the availability of auxiliary means for their use of electronic resources, information networks and systems.

The international cooperation

Subject to the creation and maintenance of international relations on the page of this subsection, you need to place information confirming the existence of existing or planned to conclude agreements with foreign organizations conducting activities in the field of science and education. You can also indicate here information on accreditation of programs by foreign institutions.

Additional requirements

The new order specifies the specifics of using the material posted on the created web pages. So, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of free copying of fragments of text, saving documents. If necessary, the availability of information in a graphic format is permissible.

Rosobrnadzor requirements also affect the ease of use of the portal by visually impaired and disabled people. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a special version of the resource for the visually impaired.

Site version for visually impaired
Site version for visually impaired

Other provisions apply to the formats of information posted on the site. They must have clear navigation and be accessible regardless of the installed software or web browser.

Resolution of scanned documents – not less than 100dpi, maximum file size – 15 MB. Readability, the ability to reuse materials without the need for additional processing, and their quick identification remain one of the main requirements.

Liability for violation of requirements in 2021

According to current legislation, any educational organization must have an official website. The implementation of decisions regarding its work is monitored not only by Rosobrnadzor, but also by the prosecutor’s office. The methodology of checks in modern conditions prescribes to determine both the availability and timely filling of the information resource of the institution, compliance with the current requirements for the structure.

If, during the audit, defects requiring elimination are found, there is a risk of initiating an administrative offense case. As for the amount of fines, it cannot be said unequivocally, everything will depend on the violation and the article of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation regulating this violation. However, a special instruction is often issued, which necessitates the revision of the site as soon as possible.

It should be noted that challenging such fines issued after inspections by the relevant authorities is rarely successful. Violations are recorded in a special protocol, therefore, even a quick solution of the detected problems will not allow canceling the current order on administrative punishment.

Sources of

The order will enter into force in 2021 and will be valid until the end of 2026. Thus, the described requirements will remain relevant for at least five years. In order to transform the portal in accordance with official regulations and learn more about the administrative punishment for non-compliance with the new rules, we recommend that you additionally consult the primary sources. Among them:

  1. Order of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science of the Russian Federation of August 14, 2020 No. 831.
  2. Federal Law No. 273-FZ “On Education in the Russian Federation”.

In general, it is necessary to note the tendency towards more serious regulation of the structure and content of the portals of institutions. So, among the innovations, the mandatory inclusion of two subsections: “International cooperation” and “Accessible environment”; clarification of requirements for the format of posted documents, active links and files; an order to ensure the convenience of visiting and using the functionality of the resource, regardless of the available technical means, health status and skills of working on the Internet.

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