Requirements for the website of a medical organization

Requirements for the website of a medical organization

Designing a website for a medical organization is a responsible task that requires taking into account certain nuances. With the help of a well-designed website, the clinic not only provides a way to communicate with the client or partners, but also informs visitors about the services available. Therefore, in addition to the general requirements for the site (nice design, competent structure, adaptive layout, speed, etc.) for the site of a medical organization, there are those that must be taken into account in accordance with the laws in 2021.

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Why do you need to draw up correctly?

According to the requirements of the law “On the basics of health protection in the Russian Federation“And”Compulsory health insurance in the Russian Federation“(No. 323-FZ, No. 326-FZ), medical organizations are required to maintain an official website. Moreover, each portal must comply with the standards prescribed in the documents.

Search engines are especially strict with any portals that fall under the YMYL definition. These are, of course, the websites of medical organizations.

To evaluate the pages and sections of clinics, hospitals and other medical institutions, the EAT criteria are applied:

  • expertise;
  • authority;
  • reliability.

If a page does not meet expectations based on the results of the check, its place in the search results becomes lower. Rospotrebnadzor and Roskomnadzor are additionally evaluating the portals of medical institutions. Any violations or shortcomings are administrative responsibility.

Basic documents

In the process of developing a website for a medical institution, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for the content of the following standards:

  1. Federal Laws No. 326 and No. 323, No. 392 of 29.11.2010, 21.22.2011 and 05.12.2017, respectively.
  2. Orders of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation: No. 956-n of 12/30/2014, No. 201-n of 05/04/2018.
  3. FFOMS Order No. 36 dated February 28, 2019.

Laws, decrees and orders contain information on what the site of the medical institution should include and how to correctly distribute the information into sections. Ignoring the requirements will result in penalties in the form of warnings and fines.

You should also pay attention to the letter of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated March 15, 2017 N 21-5 / 10 / 2-1757.

Must be

The website of a medical institution is a portal where a visitor can get accessible information about the work of the clinic, employees, and available services. Let’s understand what each resource of a medical organization should include.

License information

Organization license information
Organization license information

The first thing they pay attention to during the check is the availability of permits. Information of this type should be available to everyone who decides to go to the portal of a medical organization. Basic information includes:

  • license number;
  • types of medical activities;
  • contacts of the authority that issued the document.

A common mistake is the absence of a scanned copy of the license on the portal. This is a mandatory requirement, as the user will be able to make sure that the data is correct with the help of a scan of the document.

Personal data processing and protection policy

Do not forget about the law
Do not forget about the law “On personal data”

The requirement is governed by the law “On Personal Data”, you can read about this in detail in article 18.1, part 2. If the clinic’s website does not provide the visitor with the opportunity to consent to processing, then the owners of the portal are fined. Such shortcomings can cost a medical institution 15 to 75 thousand rubles.

Information about the medical organization

Information about the medical organization
Information about the medical organization

The following data must be present on the site:

  • full name of the medical institution with the decoding of abbreviations;
  • information about the founders;
  • branches, divisions and buildings with telephones, addresses;
  • clinic contact details: phone, mail, exact location address, legal address;
  • license and other documents in electronic form;
  • work schedule of the main institution, as well as branches and divisions;
  • types of medical services, the exact cost of paid services.

Links to supervisory authorities
Links to supervisory authorities

The regulations also require the indication of the contact details of the regulatory authorities, where you can turn for consumer protection and health care. If the site belongs to an institution providing primary care, the portal should provide information on the timing, results and stages of medical examination.


Information about the clinic staff
Information about the clinic staff

A visitor to a clinic website should know not only what services he is receiving, but also who can provide them to him. The following information about employees should be freely available on the website of a medical institution:

  • the exact title of the position held by the specialist;
  • the schedule of admission and the procedure for registering for diagnostics, consultation, admission;
  • information about education.

Information about the clinic’s employees can be published as a general file available for download, or as separate cards. Before publishing the information, the administration of the medical organization must obtain the written consent of the employee.

Paid services

Information about paid services of a medical institution
Information about paid services of a medical institution

If the site belongs to a clinic that provides paid medical services, then the institution must inform the portal visitor with the following data:

  • a list of available services;
  • updated prices for services;
  • information on the procedure for the provision of services;
  • information about payment for services.

Additionally, it is required to provide information about the employees providing services, to familiarize the visitor with the schedule of doctors for the appointment.

Site structure

Version for the visually impaired
Version for the visually impaired

The rules for filling and maintaining the website of a medical institution are regulated by the Ministry of Health. The resource should include:

  • sitemap for easy navigation of a potential client;
  • version for people with poor eyesight;
  • other tools that can make it easier for the user to visit the portal.

The information provided by the medical institution should be as simple and accessible as possible. The interface is designed taking into account the interests of users.

Independent quality assessment

The NOC puts forward additional requirements for medical organizations that participate in the state NOC program. In addition to basic information, the administration of such institutions must take into account and publish:

  • information about the structure of the clinic and governing bodies;
  • information about insurance companies with which the institution cooperates;
  • guarantees of citizens’ access to free health care services;
  • data on the timing, stages and results of clinical examination;
  • regulations of the order of the medical institution in case of hospitalization of the patient;
  • a plan for receiving citizens in accordance with external conditions;
  • the procedure for making an appointment for the initial patient appointment;
  • stages of conducting and preparing diagnostics of pathologies.

It is also necessary to provide information on available vacancies for citizens who are looking for work in their specialty, and reviews of consumers who managed to use the services of the clinic. The requirements of the NOCs and the ministry of health are relevant not only for program participants. The listed additions should be taken into account by other medical institutions.

So, what should be the site of a medical organization? First, understandable. It is important that the resource visitor can quickly understand the portal interface and find the desired section. Secondly, informational.

The official website of the medical institution is obliged to give the user the necessary information about:

  • the activities of the organization;
  • list of services;
  • the work of the clinic;
  • medical staff;
  • guarantees.

Also, contacts for communication should be published on the clinic’s portal. Finally, the site must have a thoughtful design and usability. Therefore, before you start, study again all the requirements spelled out in the laws, or order the development of the site from professionals.

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