Power Point is not one size fits all, or how to make a beautiful presentation if you are not a designer

Power Point is not one size fits all, or how to make a beautiful presentation if you are not a designer

When it comes to creating presentations, the first thing that comes to mind is to open the good old Power Point and start “conjuring” in it. Honestly, this program is already fed up with everything. Often, if you need to quickly create a Power Point presentation, you choose a ready-made template design and then insert text, pictures, graphics, etc. Everything turns out to be the same. Everybody has seen such presentations a million times.

But what if variety is expected of you and you need to create something new? We offer a selection of 7 services to help you create beautiful presentations, even if you are not a designer. Mastering them will not take much time, but the created presentations will be able to surprise the audience. =)

7 services for creating presentations

1. Canva


Canva is one of the most popular online design tools. This program is available in Russian. The intuitive interface will easily help you create a stunning presentation in just 5 minutes. Here you will find many beautiful templates that are made in the same style. Each layout contains a large collection of sliders with different variations of colors, arrangement of pictures and text.

By the way, the Canva service was described in detail here.

2. Prezi


This service is intended only for creating presentations. Prezi offers many different templates to choose from, which are already designed for you. All that remains is to choose the appropriate layout for the theme of your presentation.

A distinctive advantage of Prezi is the animation, which is automatically generated. Presentations use a zoom effect that allows you to immerse yourself in each of your slide. This helps to visually demonstrate all the information collected, if there is a lot of it, and also to reveal in detail each of the theses.

You can add so-called “topics” and “subtopics” to the presentation, depending on the content of the presentation. You can easily change the sequence of all elements, add your own images, audio and video.

3. Slidebean


The application allows you to create a presentation by changing only the text on the slides. Before that, you will be given a choice of several templates – you just have to decide on the right one.

The convenience of this service is that, being on one slide, you can switch between the “Text” and “Design” tabs. For example, by changing the text, you can immediately see how the content of the slide changes.

4. Beautiful.ai


A very easy to learn service. Creating a presentation begins with the main slide. Here you can easily change the position of text and decorative elements. For the next slides, you have to choose a ready-made structure in which all the components are already in place, you just need to add text. If you don’t like the position of any details on the slide, you can change them. In this case, the program does it itself, you just choose the design that you like best.

5. Visme


Before creating a presentation in this application, we recommend watching the training videos. Visme contains a lot of sets and settings, which is good news =) Choose the design options for headers, paragraphs, shapes, maps, icons, etc. This allows you to make your presentation more meaningful in terms of design.

It is also possible to insert audio and video into the presentation. There are several audio recordings in the collection of the application, and videos can be added, for example, from YouTube using a link.

6. Ludus.one


This service would like to highlight a nice looking and understandable interface, as well as unusual and beautiful layouts. The menu provides a very convenient preview of the effect when changing the slide. Here you also choose the template you like and then create a presentation – replace the text, add pictures, graphics, videos.

7. Venngage


The program was created just for “non-designers”. With it, you can create not only creative presentations, but also brochures, infographics, diagrams, posters, flyers, etc. It has an advantage among other applications – the Russian-language interface.

I would also like to note the large number of icons and icons, which allows not to select these elements from other sources. The service also has the ability to add interactive: ready-made forms, polls, tables.

Basic guidelines for creating presentations

Designing for presentations is a fun and exciting process. But do not forget about some rules that should be followed.

  1. The title of your paper should be clearly worded. Don’t add any vague terms. Your headline should immediately grab the audience’s attention.
  2. The text on the slides should be kept to a minimum. Many speakers like to use almost their entire report in their presentation. This is not worth doing. And it is better not to use text at all – to show everything with the help of graphics.
  3. It is important to choose the right colors that match each other. To do this correctly, you can use the ColorScheme resource.
  4. The font of the text should be well readable. You shouldn’t choose a font color in light shades. When viewed on a projector, the color will often appear more washed out.
  5. Don’t get carried away with animation. A lot of motion elements can be annoying. For example, create moving elements only on the title slides for sections, and leave the rest static.
  6. Always view your presentation in full screen mode. This will help to avoid incidents during the performance. Perhaps you do not see all the elements when you edit the presentation, something may be superfluous.


As you can see, you don’t need to have designer skills to create a beautiful presentation. The main thing is to find the necessary information and submit it correctly. We think you will like these services that we have selected for you. Choose any of them and create creative presentations effortlessly =)

Also, in one of our articles, you can learn about logo design apps. Easy-to-use tools help you make a logo in minutes. Or we can do it – just contact our Support Service.

We wish you success in mastering new resources! Who knows, maybe in the future you will reveal your talent as a designer? =)

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