Online calculators and other useful features on the site

Online calculators and other useful features on the site

The time has long passed when sites were five pages with a single-color background and a multi-colored font, which described what the site was about, which company it owned, a little about products / services and contacts. Oh yeah, another photo somewhere in the corner or in the center of the page. Every day, developers embody interesting ideas on their sites: sliders, carousels, virtual tours and much more that makes the user not just quickly look at a web page, but “hang” on it for a few minutes.

Online calculators and other usefulness for the site have many advantages. This is both the satisfaction of the user’s tasks, and the influence on behavioral factors, and simply the difference between you and your competitors. I will highlight several main advantages:

  1. Cost calculation. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you probably have noticed more than once that in our articles we strongly recommend that you indicate the cost of goods or services on sites. The main thing that the user relies on when choosing is the price. It’s great if a visitor, having entered your site, sees beautiful photos of works, well-written texts that will tell you about what a great company you are, how many years you have been working and for how long you give a guarantee. But remember that the most important thing for many is the price, and when starting to browse the sites, people want to ask the price. So give them the opportunity to immediately find out how much and what you have, do not let them go to competitors’ sites.

    online moving calculator

    If the prices are not fixed, then it is the online calculator that will help you.

  2. Influence on behavioral factors. Various online calculators, online fitting rooms, visual selection of clothes make the user stay longer on the site. After analyzing the cards in the Metric of many sites, I concluded that users love such chips, where you can select something, try on, arrange something. For example, here is a clickmap for a stretch ceiling installation company. The screenshot shows that most of all users interact with the online calculator:

    online calculator on the heatmap

  3. Satisfaction of user tasks. Agree, buying in regular stores is much easier than on the Web. In reality, you can immediately try on, put on different models and compare products. But now such an opportunity has appeared in online stores, you can upload your photo and try on clothes, shoes, glasses and other goods.

  4. Advantage over competitors. Online selection of tours, business card designer, furniture planner and others will distinguish you from your competitors who do not have all this.

Online calculators

Calculators for calculating the cost are suitable for those who do not have a fixed price, when the cost of services or goods can vary from various parameters. Stretch ceiling installation companies, repair and construction firms, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions will find an online calculator very useful. You will avoid many questions, your visitors will be able to fill out forms by parameters and find out the cost. After all, this is much more convenient than constantly long conversations with the client on the phone, answering his endless questions.

For example, on the website of our service 1PS.RU there is a calculator for calculating the cost of contextual advertising, it looks like this:

Online calculator of contextual advertising

By introducing an online calculator on the site, it became easier for our Support Service to work, they do not have to carry out the calculations themselves, they only briefly describe the service to the client, and then give them the address of the page where the online calculator is located.

What you need to consider in the online calculator:

  1. The calculator should be clear to your client. Professional terms and “abstruse” words that you know, not the fact that your customer might know. Name the fields in plain language or try to explain everything.

    For example, I took an online calculator for calculating the installation of a stretch ceiling. Among the input fields was “Decor”. I realized that we are talking about an edging tape that is laid around the ceiling. But I think that not everyone understands this at once.

    Stretch ceiling online calculator

    But another company had a photo with examples attached to each field:

    online calculator for calculating stretch ceiling

    And by clicking on the example of a decorative ribbon, an image was shown, from which it was immediately clear what it was about:

    examples in the online calculator

  2. Help your user. For example, you have a Select Width option, and the client does not know what it depends on and what it affects. Prompt him, direct him to the page that tells you how to choose the width. This is exactly what is done with an example:

    stretch ceiling tips

    In many online calculators, I came across a choice by manufacturer:

    manufacturer selection in the online calculator

    online calculator errors

    This is good, but if I am a “pioneer” and do not yet understand the differences in ceilings from Germany and France? Help your client, link to pages where you tell about the manufacturer, to pages with reviews, comparisons or reviews. In addition, this is an additional opportunity to link the pages of the site.

  3. Keep your calculator simple and easy to use. Not all users like to fill out cumbersome forms, so try to keep them as simple as possible. I really liked the Sirius calculator. It was an abbreviated version that looked like this:

    calculation of the cost of a stretch ceiling

    I entered only three main parameters, and I did not have to suffer and think about what it is, I also chose the texture and color. But the main thing is that you can immediately see the selected ceiling in the photo.

    But for the abbreviated version, it was possible to select additional parameters, where data on lighting, design and other things are indicated:

    calculation of stretch ceiling installation

  4. Set up permanent data in the drop-down menu. Try to avoid fields where the user should enter information as much as possible. For example, in the Sberbank mortgage calculator, you can select the purpose of the loan from the drop-down menu:

    online mortgage calculator

    And in most calculators for calculating the cost of a CTP policy, you can choose a car brand from a ready-made list:

    online OSAGO calculator

    Online insurance calculator

    Try to keep things as simple as possible for your users.

  5. Supplement the calculator with various images, photocells. Solid text is very boring; some illustrations will make the calculator more interesting. I liked the calculator of one of the repair companies:

    online repair calculator

    Imagine if there was a text field to select each option – users would just leave the site.

  6. Be sure to check that the calculator is working correctly. After you implement the calculator on the site, test it yourself, ask your acquaintances and friends. Make sure that everything works correctly, no problems arise, and most importantly, that people understand everything. For example, I came across a calculator for calculating cleaning services.

    cleaning service calculator

    I chose the object, indicated the date, I don’t have a promo code. And then what? To pay zero rubles. I press “Next”, and then fill in the contact information, but I don’t want to be called, I just want to know how much it will cost to wash the windows in the apartment.

    cleaning company online calculator

    There should not be such oversights on the site, the client went to the page to calculate the service, he does not want to be called. Warn your users that they need to tell them to make a calculation, or tell them that the calculator is currently under development so that your potential client does not sit at the screen in bewilderment.

Useful tricks for the site

I present to you a small overview of useful and interesting things that you can add to the site in order to attract the user’s attention and retain it.

Online fitting room

To be honest, it looks like a kid’s game for girls to dress up dolls. In virtual fitting rooms, you can not only dress up ready-made models (guys or girls), but also upload your photo, choosing clothes for your color type and figure.

online fitting room

In the fitting room of Pavloposad shawls, you can upload your image or take a photo with a camera, then try on shawls from the catalog.

online fitting room for shawls

Online fitting glasses

And if you are in the business of selling glasses, a virtual fitting room for the selection of glasses is perfect for you.

online fitting glasses

Online fitting room furniture

I advise stores of furniture and interior items to implement an online planner on the site, for example, like that of Ikea:

Ikea planner

Just be sure to test it to make it work correctly. On one of the websites of furniture salons, I tried to arrange furniture, and this is what happened 🙂

online furniture distributor

The display cabinet stood upside down. In general, I suffered a little and closed the site.

Online fitting room for fixtures

For lighting stores, I recommend adding a tool for online fitting of lamps, where you can upload photos of your interior and immediately select chandeliers and floor lamps.

online fitting of lamps and chandeliers

Selection of wallpapers online

A fitting room is also useful for selling various finishing materials, for example, wallpaper:

online selection of wallpapers

It is very convenient if you simplify the search for the user by ungrouping products by category. In the screenshot above, we did an excellent job with this task, making several categories: by material, by color, by style, and others.

Online selection of autodisks

If all the fitting rooms described above are more interesting for the female sex, then this useful feature is aimed at the male audience. With the help of such a fitting room, you can choose wheels for the make and model of your car.

online selection of discs

Online selection of hair color and hairstyle

But not only online stores selling goods can use fitting rooms and constructors for selection. For example, beauty salons can implement a tool for choosing a haircut and hair color:

online selection of hair color

Online selection of tours and tickets

If you provide services in the field of tourism and have not yet implemented this feature on the site, then you are far behind your competitors. Remember the main rule: the simpler, the more convenient. Add an abbreviated selection form, which will indicate the country or city, departure and arrival times and the number of people. For example, like here:

online tour selection

And for those who want to select everything down to the details at once, add the ability to select additional parameters:

search tours

Online business card maker

There are also useful tips for printing houses and framing workshops, for example, a free business card designer and online frame selection:

online business card maker

online baguette designer

Instead of output

I think that the list of useful features for the site is endless. Make your sites user-friendly, add tools that will help them solve their problems. And we will take care of the promotion of your site in the search results.

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