How to take orders on a freelance exchange?

How to take orders on a freelance exchange?

What for?

Why, in fact, start work on a freelance exchange for a freelancer? Many coaches say that this is pointless and you will not be able to cling to orders. They are partly right … but only partly.

So why bother? The answer is simple – experience. Only here you can get experience of working with real customers and their projects in the shortest possible time. Here you can “burn yourself” and enjoy a good order.

Where to go?

This question worries a lot of novice freelancers. Where to go, because if you enter the query “freelance exchange” in google, you will see an abundance of these exchanges.

I have selected three exchanges for a quick look that are worth paying attention to:

  1. is the largest freelance exchange in Russia and the CIS. Yes, this is a really big exchange with a large number of orders in various directions. There is no need to talk about the pluses, but the minuses are a large monthly fee for a PRO-account (and without it it is pointless to go there), and the presence of just huge competition.
  2. Another well-known freelance exchange. It also has a fairly large reach of people, but it is still less popular than
  3. In my opinion, Weblancer is an ideal exchange for starting a newbie. This is not advertising, but just personal experience, because I myself am from there. I have an account that I regularly update my portfolio with orders, but I haven’t taken orders from there for a long time – they come from outside. But it was from there that I started. Here is the cheapest subscription for a PRO account (if you choose only layout – 360 rubles), as well as not so high competition. In general, a warm, small exchange.

There are, of course, other exchanges, but I have not used them and I cannot tell you.

What do you need to start?

Let’s say you have chosen some exchange (maybe not even from this list, not the point) and decided that you will work on it. What do you need? First of all, a very well-filled profile. The secret of a cool profile is simple – you need to be able to present yourself. Don’t throw too much technical information on your profile (I know html, css, js, gulp, sass ……). It is enough just to indicate the main (and there WordPress, ModX, high-quality valid cross-browser layout are appreciated (this is if you go exactly as a layout designer).

To a cool profile, you need to add an even cooler portfolio. If you have made a website, you don’t just need to give a link to it and throw off the photo of the first screen. Tell us about it in full. Show how you did it. And of course it should be beautiful. This will set you apart from the crowd (and there are indeed a lot of people with “so-so” profiles on the exchanges). I can’t say that my profile is cool, but this was enough for me to start. An article about creating cool cases (yes, there is for designers, but you can get something for yourself).

What else? In general, that’s all. Then you go ahead and look for orders.

Also pay attention to the video at the beginning of the post, and in general to the “Become a Freelancer” playlist on my YouTube channel 🙂


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