How to make a product card unique: 5 important tips and tricks

How to make a product card unique: 5 important tips and tricks

Every day there are more and more online stores. The same product can be found in hundreds of different online stores.

Everyone knows that for a site to rank well in search engines, you need unique content. But the characteristics of the goods, as a rule, are the same. How to make the product card unique?

Council number 1. Write unique texts

Own texts are really the best solution.

For example, for an online store with up to 500 products in its catalog, it is even more or less realistic to compose your own descriptions, but what if there are several tens of thousands of products?

In this case, it makes sense to create unique descriptions for popular products that you plan to sell in large quantities. And be sure to make such descriptions for product categories.

Show your imagination, read the literature, prepare your Unique Selling Proposition for each product, try to write texts for the product card in accordance with all the rules for writing selling texts.

Council number 2. Add reviews to your product card page

Invite customers to leave feedback right on the product detail page. Firstly, this will make the content unique, and secondly, the availability of reliable information from those who have already bought this product, as a rule, stimulates them to purchase. It is not for nothing that large portals (for example,,, and others) provide such an opportunity.

Council number 3. Use generation

When there are a lot of products, and it is not possible to create a unique description for each, the ability to generate texts comes to the rescue.

Suppose an online store sells 130 different models of multicooker. Multicooker is essentially different in its characteristics. Write a unique description of one particular multicooker. For example, you ended up with something like:

Multicooker Mashenka knows how to fry, bake, cook, steam and simmer. It has 45 preset automatic cooking programs (pasta, milk porridge, pilaf, soup, poses, dumplings, stewing, roast and more) and up to 50 manual settings. A special removable steam outlet valve also collects foam, so there is no need to control that the soup or porridge will escape. And the delayed start function until 12 o’clock will allow you to prepare dinner or breakfast exactly at the appointed time.

The 5 liter bowl with a non-stick coating, developed with the latest technology in Korea, is backed by a separate 2-year warranty.

Plus, you’ll get our extra 4-year multicooker warranty and a 200-recipe book as a gift! Have time to order! There are only 8 items left in stock.

We multiply the text and get even more unique texts than we need. All that remains is to adapt each text to a specific model – and you’re done!

Council number 4. Add video

Video is gaining more and more popularity on websites. Add video instructions, a video about using the product at home, video feedback or other useful information. This will make your site stand out from the competition, improve page behavioral factors and have a positive impact on promotion.

Council number 5. Please provide additional information

It is quite difficult to create unique descriptions for each product, because by and large, products differ only in characteristics. Therefore, you can add conditions and delivery procedure, guarantees, information on return options to the product description page – all this will make the product card unique.

To attract attention, many foreign stores offer descriptions of non-trivial use of the product, sometimes this allows you to launch viral marketing – word of mouth is turned on. Try it – it’s a good trick.


A few more useful tricks
  • Use bread crumbs… In order for the product card to be well perceived by search engines, use “bread crumbs” in its design (example: Home> For the kitchen> Multicooker> Multicooker Mashenka).
  • Show information about other products… Add the headings “People often bought with this product” and “You have recently viewed” on the page of the product card – this is convenient for users and will have a positive effect on sales.
  • Add unique photos… Add non-standard photos to the product description page that are on other sites and are taken from manufacturers’ sites. Take your pictures. There should be at least 5-10 images of each product. The more and better you present the product, the more the user will get the impression that he was holding it in his hands, and the more he wants to buy.

The product card is very important: it is on this page, as a rule, that the user makes the final decision – to put the product in the basket or not. Therefore, it is important to be able to determine what works well on the page and what needs to be improved. Experiment, split test, and improve every product card. And if in doubt about your abilities, order the creation of the perfect product card from us.

Good luck and sales growth!

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