How to create a converting landing page?

Как создать конвертирующий лиды лендинг?

Landing Page, landing page or landing page is an Internet marketing tool that is used to get targeted actions from the audience. It is a web page with a special structure and specific content. Landing pages can be created for different purposes: for direct sales, collecting orders or requests, phones or e-mails of potential customers, directing the audience to the required page, etc. The effectiveness of a landing page is assessed by the number of leads: visitors who have completed the targeted action. How to achieve maximum efficiency will be discussed below.

Don’t overload the page

The tactic of an effective landing page is quick and effective contact with the user. It is assumed that the visitor must decide whether to take the targeted action while he is viewing the page. Do not overload your landing page with unnecessary information, so as not to interfere with the user concentrating on the target action. For this:

  • optimize the structure of the page: it should be simple and understandable;
  • remove all information “garbage” from the page – unnecessary images and texts, forms and buttons;
  • when developing a website, do not chase two birds with one stone: one page should contain a call to one action. If your campaign is built for multiple products or offers, create separate landing pages for each one.

More focus on headlines

Not all visitors read texts, watch videos, leaf through photo galleries, but everyone who visits your landing page will pay attention to the titles. Make them work! Make your headlines succinct, informative, and eye-catching. They should correspond to your proposal, give a concise, short, but succinct description of the product, service or promotion.

Do not distort information

The Internet is a medium in which any information can be verified in a matter of minutes. Remember this, and do not post false information. If you tell the user about the benefits, do not exaggerate them, otherwise, at the stages of further interaction, he will understand that he was deceived and will refuse your services. If you describe the characteristics of a product, please provide accurate and correct information. The reliability of the information on the page affects not only the number of generated leads. It also affects the reputation factors, the level of user confidence. You should not risk the image component for the sake of momentary gain.

Another important point – make sure that the information in traffic sources and on the landing page is identical. So, if you run contextual advertising offering a 70% discount on a product, then the landing page should offer the same discount. If a user sees a different offer on the landing page, they will immediately leave it.

Choose the right feedback form format

When making a targeted action on a landing page, a lead should almost always fill out a feedback form. In it, he indicates contact information, the selected product or service, his name, and other data.

When choosing such forms, the following dependence applies:

  • the fewer fields to fill out, the more leads, but some of them later refuse to order a service, purchase a product or other interaction with the company;
  • the more fields to fill in, the fewer leads, but they are of higher quality – these are users who are confident that they need to take a targeted action.

In general, it is important not to use too many fields in the feedback form. If your goal is to collect a database of email addresses of potential customers, you do not need to ask them for their mailing address or age information – an email and a name are enough. When creating a form, use only those fields that are really necessary for further interaction with the client.

Responsive design is a must

The mobile audience is constantly growing, and a truly effective landing page should work fully when viewed from tablets or smartphones. For this, do not use formatting or resizing of elements, but a full-fledged responsive design. Without it, the landing page will take a long time to load, respond slowly to user requests, and it will be inconvenient to view it. All this will distract your visitors from your offer and target action.

Analyze your target audience

You must clearly understand which users will come to your landing page and why they will take the targeted action. When creating a landing page, this must be taken into account, otherwise you will not get either leads or economic effect from its work. If your customers are interested in reliability and they are willing to pay more, but still get an extended warranty, offer them not discounts, but extended warranty periods and additional services. If, on the other hand, financial gain is important to your audience, use discounts as a tool to generate leads.

In the agency “WikiWeb” you can order a landing page for any products and offers. Thanks to individual work with each project, we achieve a high level of lead generation and ensure maximum efficiency in using the Landing Page.

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