How to choose the perfect site management system?

How to choose the perfect site management system?

There are many systems for managing site content. How to choose the perfect one?

Difficulties in choosing a CMS

The choice of a content management system in terms of complexity can only be compared with the difficulties of the heroine of Gogol’s “Marriage”. Remember, Agafya Tikhonovna dreamed of an ideal fiancé: “If only Nikanor Ivanovich’s lips were put to Ivan Kuzmich’s nose, and some kind of swagger like Baltazar Baltazarych’s …” Perhaps, it’s easier to decide on the fiancé than on the site’s content management system.

Types of CMS

All CMS are divided into: boxed (ready-made CMS) and self-written (CMS that are designed specifically for you).

  • Self-written CMSs are very expensive to develop and are not suitable for people with a small start-up capital, so we will not consider them.
  • Boxed CMSs are free and commercial (paid).

Many will immediately pull their little hands for free systems, but if you want to open a serious store that will make a profit, you should refuse the free versions, as they usually have a weak degree of protection against viruses, hacks, etc. maybe Modx.

Recently, a lot of clients have been asking to transfer their site from free CMS to paid ones.

Paid CMS

There are many solutions among commercial systems too.

The main advantages of paid systems are receiving updates, professional developers work on the system, there is round-the-clock technical support, and security is at the level.

There are 5 leaders on the commercial CMS market now:

  • 1C-Bitrix
  • NetCat
  • HostCMS
  • AmiroCMS
  • UmiCMS

All these systems have long been entrenched in the first positions of the ratings and are worthy solutions.

1C-Bitrix is ​​a fairly popular system that allows you to implement any solutions from a multifunctional user’s personal account and is infinitely simple. Of the minuses: it is very cumbersome and difficult to learn, to work with it you will have to hire several programmers familiar with this system. And the price of Bitrix is ​​higher than the market average.
Developer website:

NetCat is a popular system, the cost is from 5,820 rubles, all the code is written in PHP. The site, created on the basis of NetCat, allows the use of graphic and animation elements of any complexity. Due to the high level of adaptability of the system, you can connect any design layout with pixel precision. According to the information from the site, more than 19,000 sites operate on this system.
Developer site:

HostCMS is a system primarily convenient for online store owners, quite understandable at an intuitive level. Quite budget – the price of the system starts at 1900 rubles. There is a free version. According to the data from the official site, more than 80,000 sites have been built on their system.

Cons: a high level of knowledge of XML / XSLT is required to manage the site
Developer website:

AmiroCMS – according to the developers, it is the fastest system. The edition, which has a store, costs from 11990 and the company provides 3 months of free hosting, agree, a nice bonus if you want to reduce the cost of opening a store. The only content management system developed in collaboration with three “whales” of the SEO market:, Ashmanov & Partners, NetPromoter.
Developer website:

UmiCMS – the editorial office which has an online store, starts at 19,000. According to the rating, Tagline is the highest quality system.
Developer site:

It is up to you to decide which system to choose. We recommend HostCMS or NetCat to our clients, if you plan to create a large portal, it is better to take Bitrix right away. From free you can try MODx.

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