Everything on the shelves: what should be the correct structure of the landing page

Everything on the shelves: what should be the correct structure of the landing page

A landing page or selling page is a one-page website that is designed to present one service or one product. A properly structured landing page increases page conversion significantly.

However, before you start drawing up the structure, you need to decide who is your target audience and what is good about your service or product. The content of the selling page will largely depend on this.

1. Step one: create a unique selling proposition

What are the benefits of you? After all, it is more important to sell a solution to a problem, and not the product itself.

2. Step Two: Prove and Demonstrate Benefits

The basis of the landing page is visualization. Many users have no time to read, they are interested in solving the problem here and now. Have a unique selling proposition and an illustrating image on the first screen. So users will immediately understand what this page is about.

3. Step three: work through objections

The product is presented – excellent! However, a potential buyer may still have questions and doubts about the purchase. They are easy to predict, especially if you have not ignored the first step and carefully studied the target audience. A block with frequently asked questions and answers to them will help to close objections.

4. Step four: add reviews

The testimonials block is an obligatory part of the landing page. Testimonials work more convincing than a thousand and one benefits of your product. Especially if they are real and contain photographs, links to websites or social networks of your clients.

5. Step five: make an offer you can’t refuse

A call to action is the final part of the program. Indicate the price, conditions, composition and other details. Be sure to add a feedback form and a button so that the buyer can immediately leave a request.

So, the correct landing page structure:

  1. Screen with a unique selling proposition and visualization of the product / service, feedback form.
  2. Offers, valid promotions.
  3. Benefits. Description with evidence and examples.
  4. Removal of objections, reviews, answers to frequently asked questions.
  5. Offer with a feedback form.

For convenience, we have prepared an infographic that clearly illustrates the correct structure of the landing page. Save it to yourself so as not to lose it, and be sure to share it with interested colleagues. Let only the correct pages roam the Internet! =)

landing page structure

If it is difficult to figure it out on your own, please contact our specialists. We will develop a high-quality selling page that meets all web development trends and usability rules.

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