Effectiveness of link placement in a directory of sites

Effectiveness of link placement in a directory of sites

A busy 2020 has led to a large-scale increase in digitalization, which has led to an increase in the relevance of website promotion. The higher the service in the search results, the more traffic and higher sales.

Site ranking directly depends on three factors:

  1. The quality of the published content.
  2. The presence of external links.
  3. Internal optimization.

This also applies to information resources and commercial sites.

Impact of inbound links on SEO

Many people believe that inbound links have ceased to exert their influence on website promotion. This is due to the ability of search engines to determine the quality of a page based on the response to a user’s request. Naturally, the work of external links is no longer as relevant as it was in 2010: then, in order to get into the TOP, it was enough to put several links on a spam page.

Experiments carried out by the companies MOZ and SemRush have shown that the work of external links is now as relevant as it was before.

According to experts, without external links, it will be impossible to promote an Internet resource in Google, especially in a competitive environment.

Those who claim that inbound link performance is lost are most likely not SEO-savvy and sampling-wise.

Working Links 2021

When promoting an Internet resource, it should be remembered that the strategy of building a link mass changes over time: new methods of link extraction are actively used, algorithms for identifying working and malicious ones from them.

However, the basic rule remains the same: it is important that the backlink belongs to a quality Internet resource.

A link works well if it belongs to one of the following resources or is aimed at solving a specific problem:

  • Regional site or regional catalog of sites, provided that the promoted resource is tied to a specific region. The finite number of eligible sites limits the number of links you receive. It is recommended to select more global resources.
  • Thematic site. The topic of the donor site plays an important role in the promotion of the resource. If we are talking about a website of a transport agency, links from blogs about cargo transportation, vehicles would be an ideal option, but there will be no effect at all if interaction with resources about diets, mobile phones and children’s clothing is built.
  • Link from a reputable site or web page. If the link belongs to a low-quality resource without traffic, the site trust will be useless.
  • Located on the home page. The higher the position of the link, the higher the likelihood of clicking and following it. As practice shows, many users do not scroll the page below the middle.
  • Transmits traffic. If the link directed for the promotion of resources is strengthened, it transfers not only a lot of weight, but also traffic.
  • Found in the text. The rules for placing anchor and non-anchor links are becoming stricter every year, and therefore, before placing them, you need to make sure that everything is done correctly.

Actual ways of link building

Getting links from thematic blogs is the best option for promoting Internet resources. The main thing is that the content published on the service matches the user’s request and brings traffic. The main goal of such services is the quality of the site on which the backlink will be published.

The advantage of working with such a service is that a certain service receives links from unique sites that competitors cannot take over. In addition, there is no need to doubt their quality.

Do not forget about such methods of Internet marketing as outreach or crowd marketing. However, when working with them, quantity comes first, not quality, which is unacceptable when promoting an Internet resource.

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