Domain in the .рф zone: advantages and disadvantages

Domain in the .рф zone: advantages and disadvantages

In November 2008, at the ICANN meeting, it was decided to allocate the .рф domain for the Russian Federation. Less than a year later, at the end of October 2009, the official presentation of the Cyrillic domain took place in Seoul. On November 16, 2009, an application was made to ICANN to delegate a new domain. On the night of May 12-13, 2010, the first resources with the .рф domain were launched.

According to the statistics of ANO Coordination Center for National Domain of the Internet, as of September 11, 2013, 816,254 domains were registered in the .рф domain zone, 47% were registered only in the last year. In reality, working sites from this number are only 21%. At the moment, most Cyrillic domains are redirected to sites in the .RU zone, or are a mirror of the main resource. That is, predominantly the owners of the main site still leave the resource in the zone with a Latin name.

The main advantages of using the site in the .РФ domain zone

The main advantage of the .рф domain zone, for which, in fact, it was created is the opportunity for users who do not know English to use the Internet without difficulty. In other words, it is now easier for people to type site addresses in their native language, dictate them to each other, remember from advertisements and reproduce them without errors in the address bar of their browser. After all, it is much faster by ear to type an address of the type cement plant.rf than to find out how it is spelled correctly in Latin.

Another indisputable advantage of this kind of domains is the presence of a direct entry of a keyword or phrase directly into the website address, i.e. if your site is called transportationgruzov.rf, then for this request it will be easier to get to the top of the search results.

An additional plus is the still large number of unregistered names. This allows both companies and ordinary users to become the owner of a short and beautiful domain name.

And finally, there are ample opportunities for business: Russian-language site names allow people to quickly find on the Internet the product they are interested in or information about it.

Disadvantages of using a Cyrillic domain
  1. Lack of support for Cyrillic email addresses. At the moment, it is impossible to create an e-mail of the form [email protected], the name must be in the Latin alphabet, i.e. [email protected] But, unfortunately, and this will not save you from problems when working, many mail services do not support working with this kind of mailboxes.

  2. Additional difficulties when installing a CMS on such a domain. Not all content management systems correctly understand the Cyrillic alphabet, and when setting up, instead of the site name, there is a chance to see incomprehensible characters.

  3. You lose users from abroad, because they just don’t have Cyrillic characters on their keyboard. And your site address will look very strange to them due to encoding problems.

  4. It is very difficult, and in some cases completely impossible, to add an RSS feed to your resource or set up authorization using an account of one of the social networks. The lack of such simple things on your site can scare off potential customers and reduce overall traffic.

  5. And the most important problem associated with website promotion. The fact is that not all sites accept links like Yandex.rf, for them they are converted to punycode and will look like this: xn – d1acpjx3f.xn – p1ai. To put it mildly, not entirely readable and beautiful, hardly anyone would want to share such a link with you. And when registering such links in the catalog, search engines have to recode them back into a readable form. Because of what, the “weight” of such links can be significantly reduced.

Let’s summarize. Most experts believe that the best solution today would be to use a domain in the .рф zone as a “mirror” or redirect to the main site, which is located in a more familiar domain zone. This is really the most reasonable decision at the moment, since it is pointless to ignore this zone and give up new opportunities. Indeed, quite recently, Russian has become the second most popular language on the Internet.

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