Create a logo for free: an overview of 7 services for dummies and budding designers

Create a logo for free: an overview of 7 services for dummies and budding designers

Usually, when a business idea is formed and the product or service that the company will offer on the market is already known, one thing is missing – good branding. As a rule, everything starts with a logo, only then a full-fledged corporate identity is formed: colors, fonts, etc. You can order a professional logo design from a designer, or you can try to create a logo yourself for free.

In this article, we have collected online apps to help you design your logo. They are all very easy to use and shouldn’t take long to learn. Let’s say right away that registration is required on some of the sites. But this is not too difficult a step to take, considering that you end up with the logo for free. =)

  1. Logaster (

    Logo maker apps: Logaster

    Logaster is one of the popular online branding services. In just a couple of clicks, you will get a full-fledged logo. You just need to enter the name of the company and voila – your logo is ready. You can also indicate the slogan, field of activity and preferred colors.

    This resource is convenient because you can immediately see how not only the logo will look, but also other corporate identity items. In addition, on the site you can create the design of such corporate identity elements as business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and favicons.

  2. Free Logo Design (

    Logo Design Apps: Free Logo Design

    Also an easy-to-use resource. Immediately on the main page, enter the name of the company and the category of business and get several variants of logos. After you have chosen a suitable design, you can change some elements: choose the desired colors, location, add text, shapes, etc.

    When registering, you must specify an email where the finished result will be sent to you. There is also an interesting blog on the site where you can learn about the history of some logos and branding, as well as find tips for developing your own design.

  3. Free Logo Maker (

    Logo Maker Apps: Free Logo Maker

    Here you will have to try and show more of your imagination. To create a logo, you will have to choose the graphics and fonts yourself. All components have many settings, you can change any individual element. A huge number of libraries are available on the service, divided into categories, so you can easily find the elements you need.

  4. LogotypeMaker (

    Logo Maker Apps: LogoTypeMaker

    This resource allows you to create a logo by random selection with the possibility of further editing. A very handy feature with a separate replacement for graphics or text. Some symbols have the ability to change individual components in layers. The logo is available for download in three formats: jpg, png, svg.

  5. Canva (

    Logo maker apps: Canva

    Canva is a multifunctional service for creating not only logos, but also banners, postcards, presentations, and more. The advantage is that the site already has ready-made free templates. You can choose the layout of the future logo from the existing ones, or you can create it yourself. If you don’t know where to start, there are always hints on the site. It is possible to add your own images if you already know which elements you want to use in your design.

    The animation function is available, which is now important for creating animated logos. True, you can use it for free only for 30 days. The paid package offers such functions as sorting by folders of different design options, creating sets of corporate identity, adding your own fonts to the layout, etc.

  6. Hipster Logo Generator (

    Logo Maker Apps: Hipster Logo Generation

    A very easy to use resource. Logo creation is broken down into several steps. At each stage there is a hint on what to do. First you need to select a shape for the future logo, then the location of the font and some icons. Each object has the ability to change individual properties – fill, stroke, change color, transparency, etc.

  7. Fotoump (

    Logo maker apps: Fotoump

    A large number of design tools are available in the online application: brushes, filters, shapes. I am especially pleased with the variety of fonts and stickers that will come in handy in creating a logo. When saving the result, it is proposed to select the format – jpg, png, json, as well as the quality of the source.

Even if you are not a designer and create a logo in such simple applications, there are some rules to keep in mind. We give you 6 tips to help you realize your idea in the best possible way:

  1. Simplicity – we talked about this at the beginning. You shouldn’t use a lot of text and graphic objects in your design. Everything should look concise.
  2. Uniqueness – add some elements to the logo layout that are not repeated anywhere.
  3. Readability – the text of your logo should be clearly visible, no matter where it will be located: on a huge billboard or on a regular fountain pen.
  4. The combination of colors – it should be correct, not too provocative.
  5. Responsiveness – Create multiple design options. Consider all the options where the logo will be placed: advertising and printing products, business cards, banners, documents, etc.
  6. Emotional – Your brand name should evoke the right associations among consumers and be appropriate depending on the industry.


As you can see, you don’t need any super skills or talent to create a logo yourself. The main thing is to understand the idea and essence that your trademark will reflect. At one glance at a good logo, users should understand that the company offers quality products and services. Also, thanks to the catchy logo, market recognition among competitors increases, which leads to customer loyalty.

All the resources listed above in the article give quick results. But you need to understand that hundreds of more people can use these applications. Therefore, if you want to get a truly unique brand name, it is better to use the services of a professional designer, examples of logos. Before accepting a job as a pro, make sure that a Yandex image search does not find your new logo – there are a lot of scammers among freelancers.

PS I also advise you to read the article Examples of gamification, 10 games for your site for inspiration.

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