Course on training HTML5 CSS3 site layout from scratch to pro in 2 months. Start of training on October 17

Анонс курса по обучению HTML5 / CSS3 верстке сайтов с нуля до профи за 4 недели

This fall, October 17, I will start a course on HTML5 and CSS3 layout training. 5 streams of training have already passed, and this will be the sixth. Each stream of the training program is being finalized and improved. The course is designed for beginners and beginners. We will learn how to make up sites from scratch, from the very beginning, and as a result we will make several HTML pages, and we will master all the modern and necessary techniques and skills. If you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, I also recommend coming to consolidate your skills and learn how to make up responsive sites, use preprocessors, and learn how to optimize your layout.

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Knowledge of the basics of HTML layout of sites today is as necessary as the ability to use MS Word and Excel spreadsheets 5 years ago.

Why do you need HTML layout and why it is so important to know it

Any site is based on HTML markup. On its basis, the browser (the program in which we look at the Internet pages) draws the page. Websites without HTML markup simply do not exist. That is why, if you work on the Internet, or want to associate your activity with development, knowledge of HTML markup will be useful to you. Everything that is displayed on the page – text, headings, menus, pictures, lists, tables, forms – all this is set by HTML markup. CSS is about styles. Stands for cascading style sheets. They are responsible for the layout and styling of all elements of the page. CSS controls the color and size of text, the spacing between headings, paragraphs and images, and much more. Regardless of whether you are developing a website, or just filling it (even if the site is powered by WordPress, Joomla, Ucoz or Bitrix) – knowing at least the basics of HTML markup will greatly simplify your work and make it faster and better. Accordingly, you will be able to do the work faster and better.

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What will you learn on the course

It is very important to understand what you will learn and what you will be able to do new after you finish your studies. Here is a list of those opportunities that will open before you:

  • You will be able to create static sites for your needs, for example, for your business. These can be websites or landing pages.
  • You will be able to make up sites and work as a site designer. In the future, develop into a frontend developer, the most promising and demanded specialty, today in IT.
  • Learn the intricacies of a good website layout. If you are a manager, you will understand how to check the work of website development staff. Learn to distinguish between good and bad layout.
  • You will be able to better design the materials you publish on the site if you are a content manager. Improve the look and feel of your site.

What will happen on the course. Training program:

In a nutshell, here are the main topics that will be covered:

The main program of the course:

  1. HTML basics
  2. Table layout
  3. CSS styles
  4. Layering, block model
  5. Layout from PSD design layouts (Layout from Photoshop layouts)
  6. Layout standards, auxiliary tools
  7. Layout on grid
  8. Working with the Bootstrap framework


  1. Advanced CSS
  2. New HTML5 tags. Workflow optimization
  3. Optimization of layout. Dynamic elements
  4. Publishing a site on the Internet
  5. Preprocessor – LESS
  6. Working with jquery plugins

Who is this course suitable for:

  • for students to learn useful skills and start working as a website layout designer, and then develop in the direction of frontend development. Frontend is one of the most demanded areas of IT development today.
  • for those who wish to acquire new skills and master a new profession for themselves. Today, it is not uncommon for people to study IT in order to get a job in the field of web development, and change their type of activity.
  • for webmasters who, for some reason, do not know HTML markup, in order to improve the efficiency of their sites
  • for content managers, because when administering sites and filling the site with texts – if you know how to work with HTML markup, this will greatly increase your efficiency and the quality of your work
  • for everyone who wants to learn new skills

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Your skills and abilities after completing the course

The program and the theory are of course good. But after studying the program, many are interested in the question of what exactly I will learn and what I can do. Exactly what you will need to use in your work. Here is a list of techniques, techniques, and things that you will master:

  • Let’s make up several layouts,
  • Let’s learn how to make the main elements of the page:
  • Modal windows,
  • Sliders,
  • Tabs,
  • Opening animation,
  • Loaders (loading effect),
  • Sorting, and other useful things.
  • Learn to make adaptive layout (adoptive, responsive)
  • You will master grids and frameworks
  • We will work with a 960gs mesh and
  • Let’s master the Bootstrap framework – the most demanded and popular HTML / CSS / JS framework
  • Working with Photoshop, slicing graphics from a layout
  • Optimization of layout, use of sprites
  • Embed web fonts, generate web fonts
  • Use the LESS preprocessor

Course start: October 17

If you want to learn how to make up sites, start in a month and not spend years learning, then this is the best way. A specially improved program allows even beginners to start learning, and in a month have confident knowledge and practical skills in site layout.

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How much does this course cost?

Since the beginning of the course, its program has significantly changed and supplemented. The cost of the course is 15,900 rubles. For the first participants, there is a 30% discount. The discounted price is 9 900 rubles (3800 UAH or 140 $)

Classes start on October 17, 2016. The term of study is 2 months.

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