Collect them all: what are the quality marks in Yandex and how to get them

Collect them all: what are the quality marks in Yandex and how to get them

The end of another decade. Over these 10 years, there has been a huge leap forward in web technology.

The number of Internet users more than doubled, and the share of mobile traffic increased from 0.7% to 52.2%. With the availability of smartphones, the number of active Internet users is growing at a tremendous rate, and it is increasingly difficult for new users to find sites that are useful for themselves. It would seem that they are lost in the abyss of useless spam, and searching for a resource only tires and increases the desire to score and just close the browser. Therefore, Yandex in 2018 developed a tagging system to help navigate the search system.

So now the user can see additional information on the site. New users will not have to leave their personal information on questionable resources.

There are 16 quality marks in total:

  • Popular site
  • User Choice
  • Fast site
  • Secure connection
  • Turbo pages
  • Airline
  • Embassy
  • Visa Center
  • Service center
  • Brand name
  • Navigational response
  • Verified profile
  • Official site according to Yandex.Directory
  • Official dealer according to
  • Organization from the register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
  • Yandex service

Now, with the help of icons in the search results, it will be more difficult to mislead the user, and most likely he will find himself on a useful and necessary resource.

The badges are assigned by an automatic algorithm for which all resources are completely equal. The set of labels may differ for different countries. The presence of signs does not guarantee that the site will be among the first. This is just to help users find a more accurate and relevant query.

Now we will consider all of the above separately.

Popular site

popular site sign

This is a site with high traffic and constant audience. These sites include Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, RIA Novosti and others, mainly information and entertainment resources.

For example, for the query “movies”, the first in the search results will be the site IVI.

issuance of IVI

In addition to the “popular site”, Evie has two more icons.

IVI signs

With the help of statistics, we can see that the resource has 58 million visits every month.

IVI statistics

As well as:

  • The average duration of a visit is about 3 minutes, during a visit a user views 3 pages of the site.
  • Almost all traffic goes to Russia (68.64%).
  • Bounce rate 51%.

We call on Ahfers for help and see that 9.3 million resources and 12.7 thousand domains refer to the site.

number of referring to IVI

How to get the quality seal: to become a Popular Site, there must be high traffic and clearly good content. Statistics confirm this.

Not sure how to attract potential customers to your website? Look for answers in this article – you have already painted 40 ideas.

User Choice

user choice sign

It’s simple: users love this resource, usually spend a long time there and return there several times a day.

But! Users’ Choice does not guarantee your site will come first in search results. Still, hotter queries get to the TOP.

Nintendo in SERP

The site of the Japanese company Nintendo is only in fourth place, giving way to giants who offer to buy their products.

We see that the site has received only two icons and one of them is the one we need.

nintendo signs in webmaster

The site has more modest visit rates than the previous resource we reviewed.


  • 300 thousand monthly visits.
  • Average visit time is 3 minutes.
  • Viewing 4 pages for an average visit time.
  • The failure rate is 51%.

On average, 1,000,000 links and 1,500 domains.

links to

How to get a quality mark: in order for users to come back to you again and again, you need to publish quality content and write good texts. If you have an online store, a well-filled product card will help grab the attention of users.

It is also important to remember that the mobile segment is growing incredibly fast, and adaptive layout for mobile devices will only play into the hands.

Fast site

sign fast site

The sign is mainly received by sites with a high page loading speed (how commonplace, yes), you can check this through a special Google service. The higher the number, the faster the download, respectively. It is noteworthy that after the test, based on its results, the service will issue an individual set of recommendations for resource optimization.

Let’s check our website through the service. As we can see, the site 1PS.RU received 98 points out of a hundred, which is a high result.

result of loading speed

But there is one caveat: if Turbo pages are connected, then the “Quick Site” icon will not be displayed in the SERP and the webmaster, instead the “Turbo Pages” icon will be displayed.


1ps signs in webmaster

This is done because turbo pages still load faster than regular pages.

How to get the quality seal: optimize your site, do not forget about the code, compress images through special services – our article will help you.

Turbo pages

turbo page sign

Now, let’s figure out what it is “Turbo Pages”. This is Yandex technology that creates lighter versions of pages and uploads them to Yandex servers. Now, if your internet connection speed is really slow, these pages will open with almost lightning speed.

How to get the quality mark: to connect, you need to create an RSS feed, upload it to the Webmaster, specify a counter and set up ad units. Full instructions and additional plugins can be found on the corresponding page.

After all these manipulations in the search results from the mobile version and in the webmaster, the icon will flaunt and the pages will open much faster, which will make the site more attractive to the user.

Secure connection

secure connection sign

If the site runs on HTTPS (a more secure protocol than HTTP), has a high level of traffic, then most likely the label has already been received, but if not, then first you need to move the site from HTTP to HTTPS.

How to get the quality mark: about how to move to this protocol, we wrote in our blog.

The following labels are displayed for official sites only. All of the following is accompanied by only one sign – a blue checkmark.

sign of formality

Official site according to Yandex.Directory

Mostly government sites fall into this category: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Services, the Federal Tax Service and the like.

Issue result upon request by the Government

Navigational response

If the user knows exactly what resource he needs to find, this label will be in the output. When prompted for Twitter site of this social network will be in the first place, if a person needs Habr, then Habr will lead the TOP, respectively.

issue result for navigation response

Yandex service

Issued to all sites that belong to this company: Kinopoisk, AvtoRu, Beru and all sites with the “Yandex” prefix.

search result for Yandex service

Organization from the register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The tag is accompanied to all banks that are included in the register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and these are: Sberbank, Raiffeisen, Alfa-Bank, VTB-24 and even some microfinance organizations.

the result of issuance for displaying the organization from the register of the Central Bank

Official dealer according to

The site receives the badge if it has the status of an official dealer, according to the service.

the result of the issue for displaying the official dealer of

Verified profile

Tags receive verified profiles of individuals or organizations on social media.

checkout result for verified profile


The badge is received by the official websites of airlines, according to Yandex.Directory.

issue result for the airline

Brand name

The mark is received by the official website of a brand.

issue result for the brand

There are 3 quality marks left:

  • Embassy

    The site receives this mark if it is the official site of the embassy of a foreign state.

  • Visa Center

    The site receives this mark if it is a visa center recommended on the site of the embassy of a foreign state.

  • Service center

    The site receives this mark if it is a service center indicated in the list of recommended service centers on the brand’s site.


It is worth noting that everything that has been written above can only relate to one region. So, for example, the number of received badges may differ in Russia and Ukraine. Let’s look at an example.

We go to the Webmaster of our region and see the result:

icons in the Russian region

There are User Choice, Secure Connection, and Turbo Pages icons.

Now go to the Webmaster with the ua domain:

badges in Ukraine

Only one “Secure connection”.

A banal conclusion follows from this: each site in a particular region has a different number of quality marks. The icons may differ in the domains: ru, ua, by, kz, com.

Above, we examined almost all Yandex insignia. To obtain them, it is enough to follow the basic recommendations:

  • Optimize your site for faster page loading.
  • Don’t forget about the HTTPS protocol.
  • Fill your site with interesting content.
  • Do everything to make users come back to you.
  • View resource statistics through trusted services to avoid drawdowns.

Below I would like to give examples of sites that have the largest possible number of tags.

5 popular websites to look up to

  1. Kanobu

    The resource, with news from the industry of games, movies, comics and, more recently, music has 4 quality marks.


  2. Rutube

    Russian video hosting, where a lot of TV programs go, also boasts all the icons.


  3. RIA News

    One of the largest news portals in Russia made sure to have all the quality marks.

    RIA News


    The largest sports resource covering all sports also received all the achievements.

  5. Peekaboo

    Everyone’s favorite Russian-language blog with huge threads of discussion of news and memes has collected all the icons.



Yandex gave additional motivation to organizations to improve the site’s performance, win a larger audience and get the coveted badges (simple psychology – I want to collect them all!). And customers are more relaxed when they see that the site can be trusted. But trust, as in life, must first be won.

We can help you get one of the quality marks if you don’t already have one. For example, without moving to HTTPS “Secure connection” cannot be obtained. And if you have any difficulties with this, we are right there. =)

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