All About HTML Email Layout: 60 Useful Resources, Tutorials, Tutorials & Research

Все о HTML верстке email писем: 60 полезных ресурсов

Hello everyone. In my blog, I have already published tips on how to better approach HTML layout of email letters, and how to send HTML email templates from Outlook. Now I want to present a selection of 60 useful resources, lessons and research on the layout of email templates and newsletters.

Tutorials and instructions for the layout of email campaigns

  • Tutorial by Lee Munroe of Grunt
  • Daryl Doyle’s Gulp tutorial based on the work of Lee Munroe
  • How-to: responsive emails in Gmail
  • How to layout an HTML5 background video in an email message
  • How-to: Typography in Email Design
  • Designing Simplicity: How to Make Effective Plain-Text Emails
  • The process of imposition of letters – parsing the imposition of letters from Sitepoint
  • CSS Support – Analyze CSS support for the most popular email clients
  • How to Create Email Sign-up Forms: Errors and Solutions
  • Best practices for email layout
  • How to typeset HTML emails (Mailchimp)
  • How-to: Techniques for Creating Interactive Emails with CSS
  • How not to lose your mind (and soul) when coding mailings
  • How to create an image slider in an email message
  • How to layout interactive tabs in an email
  • Mailchimp’s Email Marketing Tutorial
  • A Comprehensive CSS Guide from Campaign Monitor
  • Using CSS in HTML Emails
  • Responsive HTML Email Design – A course on creating responsive emails from Litmus employees Justine Jand and Jason Rodriguez
  • HTML Email Design – MailChimp UI Designer Fabio Carneiro Shows How To Create A Rich, Mobile-Friendly Email From Scratch
  • Create HTML Email – These tutorials will walk you through the basics of HTML email layout. Here you can find information about development technologies, the process of creating and designing HTML letters.
  • Layout of responsive email template in Ink – creating responsive email templates with Ink
  • Why plain-text emails are needed and how to do them: 6 tips

Email templates

  • Sendwithus – open source email template library
  • Email Templates from Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor Templates
  • Responsive HTML email templates – tested on popular email clients
  • Cerberus – a selection of responsive email templates
  • Antwort – responsive email layouts
  • Responsive HTML Template – Suitable for major email platforms
  • Free Responsive Template: Summary – Top 5 Proven Templates
  • Grunt Email Template
  • Responsive email templates
    An HTML email template is a good starting point for your newsletter

Frameworks for layout of email newsletters

  • Ink – for quick layout of responsive HTML letters that will display equally well on any device or email client, including Outlook
  • Email Framework – a framework for creating HTML emails
  • Truly responsive emails. Part two. Framework – an approach to creating responsive emails from Arthur Koch

Tools and services for email newsletters

  • Bulletproof email buttons – buttons for your emails in VML and CSS
  • Bulletproof background images
  • PutsMail is a free tool for testing HTML emails before sending
  • “Pechkin” – a service for creating and analyzing email newsletters;
  • “Inliner” of letters from “Pechkin” – a tool for creating inline-styles for correct display of HTML-letters;
  • Litmus – email testing and tracking
  • Campaign Monitor – test your email design across all email clients
  • Grunt Litmus – test emails on Litmus with grunt
  • Email on Acid – testing emails on a paid and free basis

Email Marketing Blogs

  • Habrablog “Pechkina” about the layout of mailings
  • Arthur Koch’s blog
  • Litmus Blog
  • Stylecampaign Blog
  • Myemma Blog
  • Postmarkapp blog
  • Spently Blog
  • Emailmonks Blog

Research on mailings

  • How to create a successful mailing list – trends and statistics on Runet, collected by the Pechkin service;
  • Myemma Email Stats – 18 Facts From Emma, ​​Inc That Will Help Today’s Email Marketers
  • Mailchimp Research – MailChimp’s research team is constantly analyzing data to help you with your newsletters
  • Campaign Monitor Report 2015 – Report 2015: New Email Marketing Rules

Sources of Inspiration for Your Email Marketing

  • Perfect emails – best letter designs
  • Top Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Htmlemaildesigns – design you can take note of

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