50 Stunning Landing Page Design Examples (Part 2)

50 Stunning Landing Page Design Examples (Part 2)

In the previous article, we looked at 25 examples of eye-catching landing pages with unique designs. Well, it’s time for a new dose of inspiration. Today we will tell you what other tricks you can take note of when developing your selling page. Ready? Let’s go then!

Construction segment

It just so happened that construction companies do not skimp on high-quality digital projects. Mega calculators, design projects and, of course, our favorite js animation. Own production in each project – videos and other related content.

We estimate:

1. Complex of apartments – https: //dom-skala.rf

High-quality construction landing page

As if hewn from a solid stone – with these words begins the description of this engineering miracle. And judging by the promo video, the “house” really deserves such flattering praise, in fact, like the site dedicated to it. A solid project with a beautiful presentation.

2. An example of good design – https: //parkflora.rf/

It would seem that a complex is like a complex, but the guys from the Good Design studio made such a cool calculator for the selection of an apartment that it is simply impossible to resist and not “poke” it. =) The ease of the page and the absence of unnecessary elements also captivate.

example of a bright landing page

3. German quality – it takes your breath away https://www.oppermann-fuss.de/

example of a landing page using JS

“The technique you need. People you trust. ” Another curious example of minimalistic design. Combining an unobtrusive image using JS animations with dexterity increases the responsiveness of the key information of super content. We applaud while standing.

And we conclude our selection of construction landing pages with two examples of minimalistic and unobtrusive pages:

4. Farbenhaus – painting wooden floors – https://farbenhaus.ru

example of a non-stock building landing page

5. Supplier of equipment for WT Hardware cabinets – https://www.wthardware.com.au/

a good example of unobtrusive parallax in a landing page

Offline services

6. CTA in a big way – http://moscowfreetour.ru/

cta on the landing page

Everything is very bright, colorful and stereotyped in Russian. A logo with a nesting doll, St. Basil’s Cathedral, a hat with earflaps – in general, there is everything you need to immediately show where the user is. The title, by the way, also leaves no doubt.

The top menu is docked and moves when scrolling through the landing page.

All blocks are designed very concisely, the graphics allow you to reduce the amount of text and visualize information well:

visualization of information on the landing page

7. Head-to-head sales – https://qlean.ru

landing page sales

conversion landing page

This landing page is made to sell. Maximum focus on conversion. In the first screen, you can immediately see the offer, which must be used within 15 minutes – the countdown is running.

A reminder of the discount and a quote for a quote does not release the user in the following screens when scrolling.

Prices are displayed immediately with a discount:

demonstration of prices on the landing page

In addition to tempting offers, the design is also worth noting. There is no overload in colors, the block is designed in a very interesting and visual way:

good landing page design

Photographic equipment

Everything is very well thought out, the design is perfected and progresses without stopping. Which is quite logical, because a decent company that has at least some relation to the photography industry cannot afford a bad website with flaws in design.

8. Good old Leica – https://ru.leica-camera.com

stylish landing page design

Everything is very bright and colorful. A site that you involuntarily admire.

9. Canon Workshop – https://www.canon.ru/

good landing page design

The landing page itself is nothing special, but the section of the menu “Workshop of Creativity” catches the eye. Lovers of photography are encouraged to study.

10. Great Zeiss – https://www.zeiss.com/corporate/int/home.html

incredible landing pages

Each page of the site is like a separate project. Worthy of respect, as well as the goods produced by the company.

11. Sony – https://www.sony.ru/

example of a classic high-quality landing page


12. Simple and clear – https://moskva.mts.ru/personal/mobilnaya-svyaz/mobilniy-internet/podklyuchit

bright minimalistic landing page

Simple and straightforward – that’s what we can say about this landing page. Nice design, lots of air, easy to read information.

Intuitive upsell block:

upselling through the landing page

13. Minimalism in the flesh – https://www.yota.ru/#promo

unusual landing page

Extraordinary landing page. Just one screen. All there is is 4 links and a large bright banner consisting of three slides. Here is such a bold minimalism.


14. More buttons – https://megaplan.ru/megaplanstart/

selling page

Maximum selling landing page. The first screen contains the application form. Next – a button with a call to action “Try it for free”. By the way, it appears after each block.

cta on the landing page

The product is shown well in great detail and clearly: there are many animated elements that illustrate the process of working with the service.

15. Light design for a complex service – https://www.cloudpayments.ru/

cool landing page

An excellent first screen with individually drawn elements (by the way, letters appear literally before our eyes and it certainly attracts attention). Despite the small amount of information, the essence of the service and the positioning of the company can be easily traced.

The target button on the first screen is a big plus.

I would also like to note the approach to the block with reviews:

reviews on the landing page

The organization of the portfolio is also impressive: the logos move in a circle, there are many of them. The feeling of infinity is created. All logos, by the way, are in the corporate color of the service. Stylishly:

example of a portfolio on a landing page

And the last curious thing – from the current landing page, you can go to the landing page with the 18+ marking. But we, of course, will not show it. Just see how cool it is done:

registration of advantages on the landing page

16. Fun and B2B? Why not – https://piratecode.ru/

landing page for b2b

The cartoon-style design clearly stands out from the websites of other developers. Bright, but at the same time laconic and light. The “parallax” technique is used: when the page is scrolled, new text and images appear. The feeling of a real adventure is created.

landing page design for b2b

Activities and courses

17. Live page – https://another-georgia.com/

animated landing page

Stylish landing page with unobtrusive animation. Please note that the design is in the colors of the Georgian flag. There is no text overload, the information is intelligently divided into blocks.

Cool feature – first-person texts:

copywriting for landing page

18. Stylish, fashionable, youthful – https://rubyrussia.club/ru

stylish landing page

The design of the first screen is literally at the forefront of modern fashion trends.

using trends in web design

Compact text about each speaker:

bright landing page

HR sphere

19. Directly to CA – https://hr.cpeople.ru/

web design for hr agency

The HR agency positions itself as a team of superheroes, and the page is logically built in the style of comics:

web design for the target audience

A truly bright landing page that clearly defines the target audience at all levels: bold, creative, extraordinary. All the necessary blocks for a landing page: the benefits of working in a company, market leadership, projects, team, vacancies, photos.

On a wave of hype

Faint of heart conservatives and lovers of classic web design are not recommended to look. =) In addition to the perfectly polished landing pages in terms of usability and conversion, we have collected a few more unusual and rather conceptual examples. Dedicated to HYIP lovers. =)

20. For their own – http://yasdelie.ru/

using memes on the landing page

The degree of virality is maximum. And it would be simply unfair not to include this landing page in your selection of awesome landing pages.

The bottom line is that the entire landing is made up of internet memes. To be honest, it is simply impossible to tear yourself away:

internet memes in web design

21. Exemplarity – http://24run.ru/

correct landing page structure

Everything is here. Everything that should be in a good landing page: lists, CTA buttons, icons, a detailed description of the process, benefits, reviews. And, of course, wonderful copywriting with just the right amount of irony.

block of advantages on the landing page

feedback form on the landing page

Sweets for dessert

And finally, our favorite is the landing pages dedicated to sweets. =) The brightest, juiciest, most chocolatey. The developers do not skimp on juicy, eye-catching colors and original animation chips, while observing the general style of the product.

22. Try M & M’s in a new way – https://mms-promo.ru

bright landing page with Js-animation

23. The Internet is boiling with anger – https://www.snickers.ru/

funny landing page using js in a promotion

24. Gold Rush – https://alpengold.me

classic promo landing page

25. Sour last – https://skittlespromo.ru

classic promo landing page

We hope you were inspired by the examples of these bright and colorful landing pages and finally decided to create your own.

If you understand that it is difficult to figure it out on your own, but you really want a bright selling page, please contact our specialists. We know everything about web development trends and will be happy to help you!

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