50 Stunning Landing Page Design Examples (Part 1)

50 Stunning Landing Page Design Examples (Part 1)

In this article, we have collected 25 examples of cool landing pages that inspired us. We hope that when you develop your design layout, they will inspire you too. Note that we deliberately focused on Russian-language landing pages, since foreign experience, although interesting, is not always applicable in Runet.

It is important to understand that a landing page is not always a one-page site. A landing page can be any page of a site created and developed for a separate product, service or action.

Airline segment

1. Meet new directions – https://www.s7.ru/poehali/

a unique example of a space landing dedicated to the Cosmonautics Day from S7

Ever dreamed of going on a space journey, to galaxies far, far away? S7 will help you achieve your dreams, albeit in a peculiar way. A striking example of an excellent combination of space themes with a considerable amount of humor on one page. Recommended for study.

2. Just a very good deal – https://www.uralairlines.ru/landing/bfkh/

Minimalistic landing page design

All year we help the Konstantin Khabensky charitable foundation – this is how the page says. Minimalistic design combined with direct appeal – everything is simple and clear. The capacious text of the title immediately makes it clear what this landing page is about.

3. Air France, France is in the air – https://www.airfrance.ru/

classic landing page design

A great example of a classic landing page for a major airline. It would seem that there is nothing special, but the dazzling panoramas of distant cities in combination with a convenient filter for selecting air tickets do their job – and “tempts” to fly away “on all 4 sides” right now. What can we say, the French know a lot about a beautiful presentation.

E-commerce segment

4. Fall in love at first sight – https://kitchenceremony.com/

the first screen of a quality landing page

Well, very tasty pictures with a veil of the so-called luxury. The first screen has a large high-quality photo. Stylish and intuitive top menu. There are dynamics when scrolling in the next screen.

Looking at this example, we can say that high-quality photographs decide a lot:

landing page with quality photos

5. Graphics is the head of everything – http://ji-fruits.ru/

graphic design in the first screen

Juicy and bright first screen. Individual rendering favorably distinguishes the site from competitors. The capacious text of the title immediately makes it clear what this landing page is about.

correct landing page sales

Another plus for the landing page is an illustration of the ordering process:

illustration of ordering process via landing page

6. To be in time for everything in 30 minutes – https://chef.yandex/

product delivery landing page

Another example of a tasty landing page. Catching pictures that maximally illustrate the essence of the landing page.

And again, an ode to individually rendered images:

high-quality illustrations on the landing page

Agree, this is wonderful?

7. Flat – http://satellite-express.ru/

landing page with individual design

Great landing page with great graphics.

The four products on sale are located in the next screen (by the way, quite an interesting design solution):

correct product illustration on the landing page

8. Everyone loves cats – https://www.kotofabrika.com/

interesting copywriting for landing page

correct copywriting for a landing page

We included this landing in the list in order to applaud his copywriter. And no, there is no busting with “mi-mi-mi”, everything is very organic and, as they say, in Central Asia. We think the owners and mistresses of the cats appreciated this presentation of information.

Segment of electronic equipment

9. Apple – https://www.apple.com/ru/

stylish landing page design

Nothing extra. Only the most. Verified design, style in every detail, quality. In a word – Apple. We have everything.

10. Turn On Tomorrow – https://www.samsung.com/ru/

Typography in Landing Page Design

We all know the distinctive feature of Samsung products, namely the relevance, coupled with the introduction of new technologies. The same can be said for this landing page. “Bright tomorrow” is felt in every element.

11. That same little rice – https://www.mi.com/ru/

strict landing page design

“Innovation for everyone” – and with every release, Xiaomi continues to adhere to this slogan. This page is somewhat similar to the previous example. Austere laconic design and beautiful presentation of the product underline the company’s serious intentions to conquer this market finally and irrevocably.

Services sector

12. Sells emotion – http://lite.youdrive.today/

video on the landing page

Videos are the trend of 2019. It doesn’t matter where – on social networks or on the website, but the video undoubtedly attracts attention and sells emotion well. In this case, the idea that an electric scooter is fast, fun and dynamic is 100% reflected.

Pros: excellent usability. Buttons for downloading the application in the AppStore and Play Market are available right below the video:

high-quality landing page usability

The amount of text on the landing page is minimal, everything is short and to the point (the presentation of information in the FAQ format is generally a great idea in any business topic):

using the faq on the landing page

13. Funny graphics, or who is in what – https://molodost.bz/fact/

using graphics on the landing page

quality graphic design for landing pages

Creativity in presenting information about your product is always a huge plus in the battle for competitive advantage on the Internet. And if creativity is supported by quality design, as in this example, then the chances increase significantly.

And yes, there is still an oh-oh-very cool banner in the third screen:

example of a good banner on a landing page

The landing page is not in the least overloaded with colors, the text is divided into small blocks. Verdict: 10/10.

14. Beauty in simplicity – https://lingualeo.com/ru#welcome

simple landing page design

The first screen of this landing may seem very simple, but this is its main advantage. As we are taught from childhood: brevity is the sister of talent, and here this definition fits perfectly. Everything is immediately clear from the title, and the main emphasis is on the minimalistic registration form. Fill in two fields – and you are in dancing business.

The lion cub, which has become the business card of the product, is organically located on the entire page in different roles:

using branding in landing page design

15. Free of charge without SMS and registration – https://www.duolingo.com/

minimalism in landing page design

Another service for learning languages, but with a completely different idea of ​​design and presentation in general. The case when you can safely say: “without SMS and registration.” The top of the art of minimalism. We applaud!

16. Everything on the case – https://ru.bookmate.com/

a good example of an offer on a landing page

Offer in the first screen. Large and seductive (I really want to distract myself from the article and run to subscribe, if you do so, we will understand). Nice, relevant image, necessary buttons and brief information about the service. Ideally.

Financial products and insurance

17. Just about complicated things – https://rocketbank.ru/

competent usability and landing page design

If we were asked to describe this landing page in one word, it would be the word “compact”. Very competent usability and design – nothing more. There is no textual or visual overload – a lot of “air” and appropriate accents.

Minimalistic visualization of tariffs:

example of demonstration of tariffs on the landing page

18. Humanity – https://www.mtsbank.ru/malomu-biznesu/

photos of people on the landing page

The first thing we see when opening a landing page is a bright and minimalistic banner on the first screen. When you click on the button, as you might guess, the application creation form opens. Conveniently. It’s great that the banking product is as human as possible. And this humanity is not limited to the first screen. In each block, there is a live photo with emotion:

example of a bright landing page

The landing page is presented in just 3 screens, but that’s more than enough here.

19. Is it weak in two screens? https://www.tinkoffinsurance.ru/autoinsurance/

minimum screens on the landing page

Another interesting example of using a minimum of screens. The first is a combination of an unobtrusive image and key information: benefits and benefits. The second is a step-by-step scheme for obtaining insurance.

minimalism when creating a landing page

On two screens, three CTAs (not at all intrusive). Everything is very concise, stylish and informative. A worthy example.


The following 5 examples have one thing in common – minimalistic design. To be more precise: the text at the minimum – the juiciness at the maximum.

Already drooling! Indeed, the main emphasis is on bright graphics, and more is not needed. But it is important to note the fact that not everyone can afford this technique – as a rule, it is applicable to large, recognizable companies that do not need to talk about themselves or their products. The main task is to seduce, make you suffer from thirst – and, as it seems to us, these “guys” do an excellent job with their task.

20. You feel good taste right away – http://www.rich-juice.me/

You feel good taste right away

21. I and nobody else – https://ya-juice.ru

Me and nobody else

22. With a new design – https://www.borjomi.com

With a new design

23. Pepsi. Take everything from life – https://pepsi.ru/

Pepsi.  Take everything from life

24. Always Coca-Cola – https://www.coca-cola.ru/

Always Coca-Cola

25. Don’t let yourself dry up – https://www.sprite.ru

Don't let yourself dry

Hooray! You have read to the end of this article and you have seen 25 examples of high converting landing pages and unusual landing pages. But that’s not all. We have a large collection =) Follow our blog and wait for the second batch of cool landing pages.

Well, if the thought of developing a landing page haunts you, and the knowledge and skills to create a high-quality page on your own is not enough, seek advice from specialists. By the way, our Support Service is always in touch and ready to advise you. Write!

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