404 error: 50 awesome 404 page examples

404 error: 50 awesome 404 page examples

404 error is one of the most common on the Internet. This error occurs when the user entered an incorrect site address, or clicked on a link that no longer exists.

And what do these painfully familiar numbers mean? The first number 4 indicates a client-side error, such as a bad connection or an incorrectly entered address in the search string. The other two numbers denote a specific category of errors, which includes statuses such as Conflict, Precondition Failed, Bad Request, and other fourth class statuses. This error has several reasons:

  • bad connection;
  • the link leading to the address is out of date or has been removed;
  • the page was moved to a new address;
  • typo when entering the site address.

Many people do not attach much importance to a 404 page. But in vain! After all, this page plays an important role in the conversion of the site and can perform several functions at the same time if you add the necessary elements there. A good structure of a 404 page keeps the user on the site, does not allow them to lose a potential client.

How to retain a customer: tips for creating a 404 page

So that the error does not frighten the visitor, explain to him that nothing terrible has happened and you just need to go to another section of the site. Tactfully guide the user out of this ill-fated impasse.

There are several ways to regain trust:

  1. Add links to existing sections of the site… Do not force him to manually write the site address again, refresh the page, look for typos. Even one button “Back to home” is enough. Duplicating popular links from sections of your site would be great.
  2. Explain what happened… It is not necessary to describe in detail the origin of the error, to draw up lengthy instructions. It is enough to get by with one or several phrases. The word “ERROR” is completely optional, often only drives you into a stupor more. If the site is entertaining, you can humor and be creative. Make the guest smile, then he will more willingly return to the main page. But let’s do without humor below the belt and offensive jokes, let’s respect our users.
  3. It will not be superfluous to add a search bar on the site., this will further simplify the actions of the visitor. Having entered the desired query into the line, it will quickly find itself in the section of the site that it should have entered before the error appeared.
  4. Do not forget about the corporate identity and general elements of the external appearance of the site… Too much difference between the design error and the site as a whole is alarming. This leads the user to the thought: did I click on some bad link? Have I left the site I want. The presence of a logo or company name is required.
  5. Add creative to the page with the help of interesting thematic animation – dynamic illustrations are always eye-catching. And a 404 error should generate interest and a desire to stay on the site with the question, what else is interesting on this site?
  6. If you have recently moved or deleted a sufficiently large number of pages and are sure that many visitors, having gone to your site, will not find the information they need, insert system search string Google or Yandex… Users will thank you for saving their time, and this is a plus in karma. 😉

These are general guidelines, but you can go beyond them. If you have good imagination and a sense of humor, then you can create a real masterpiece from a boring page. It all depends on your creativity 🙂

404 error: how this page looks on our site


The entire appearance was left in the same style as the site itself. We did not touch the top menu and the basement, so as not to shock anyone with abrupt transitions. For convenience, we inserted links to the most popular services (for clients) and the main sections of the blog (for those who are simply interested). Be sure to add a link to the 1PS homepage and a call to action “Write to us” so that no one gets lost. But! Taking into account all the technical issues, we forgot about the creative. We are already working on this. In the near future we will also have an attractive and funny page.

Error pages can be different, there are many ideas for creativity, the main thing is to know when to stop. There is an opinion that on serious sites with an official message there cannot be their own 404 error, it is better to do with the standard one. Let’s dispel this myth! We have selected 50 examples of different 404 pages for you and gave our comments to each one. Get inspired!

50 examples of awesome 404 error pages

  1. Freepik


    The page is outside the universe. A lot of examples of 404 can be found in the space theme. Maybe because all the missing pages are there?

  2. Giphy


    Oh! There’s nothing here. A bright GIF-style inscription draws attention and gives a hint to go to the main page.

  3. Mailchimp


    The horse has lost this page. But don’t be discouraged! Click on it and play the game. After all, we are all children at heart.

  4. Font Awesome


    “Do you know what I think about all the time? Where is my sandwich? ” It’s a good idea to keep attention with popular memes.

  5. Playstation


    If suddenly the hint does not help, the Astro robot will always find the way home for you. The character on the page acts as an assistant.

  6. IKEA


    Alien Abduction! The thematic animation made with humor makes you smile.

  7. Lego


    The construction man is a little scared, but makes it clear that everything is in order. This example depicts a recognizable brand product.

  8. Coursera


    Animation in the style of Suprematism. Various shapes add up to “404”. It looks unusual, but at the same time understandable.

  9. Marvel


    Something is wrong! I am Groot. And I will help you not to get lost in the dark – go to the main page.

  10. Kinsta


    Didn’t find what you were looking for? The Lost Tomb illustration looks mysterious. It’s up to you to open it or not. Maybe we will return to the main page after all?

  11. Coca-Cola


    There is no Coca-Cola here anymore … Empty drink bottles clearly do not suit anyone. We urgently need to go to another page.

  12. Onesharedhouse


    An empty table with no data indicates that there is nothing. The end clearly says: 404.

  13. Bubka


    The three-eyed monster from the main page is trying to hypnotize you. If it gets scary, it’s better to return to the main page.

  14. F1 News


    Laconic 404 page from a news portal. Instead of the number “0”, a bollid wheel is used.

  15. Blizzard


    The poor murloc is lost. But it’s okay! The rescue team is on the way. The main thing is to call louder: “Mrgrmlmlrlrglmrgl!”

  16. Android


    Nice use of typography for 404 pages. The text makes it clear what happened.

  17. Bluleadz


    A cute page with a cat will not leave anyone indifferent. I just want to help him. The Google search bar will help you find a solution.

  18. Subsign


    Don’t worry, eat the donut and go back. It looks very appetizing, I don’t even want to leave.

  19. Chanceupon


    Lost in the Universe? Now you can easily return home at the touch of a button.

  20. Github


    The mysterious Cape Octopus informs that this is not the page you are looking for. The search bar at the bottom will help you find the information you need.

  21. Flywheel


    Nice animation in a linear style does not allow you to take your eyes off. But this is not the page you want, so head back home.

  22. Amazon


    Dedicated to dog lovers: a friendly dog ​​looks at you from the page. You can return to the main page, or you can get to know him.

  23. Logomachine


    An example of using a part of branding on a page. A sad emoticon reports an error.

  24. 9gag


    Another example of using memes for a page. Nothing was found – download the application and search there. An excellent solution for targeted action.

  25. Dribbble


    The page has disappeared. But you can find designs in the color you want right here. Move the slider from the bottom and click on the desired image.

  26. Canva


    Nothing out of the ordinary … but the play on words in the lettering adds a touch of humor.

  27. Dropbox


    It’s a good idea to add an image to a color element. Failed to find a page – a positive outlook on the situation will never let you get upset.

  28. Hugoware


    Oh oh! Caution! See do not leave this world, like all the elements on the page. Rather click on the logo and go to the main page.

  29. Netflix


    A good option for a 404 page is to use a thematic image. Everything is simple and straightforward. A shot from the series will tell you that you are lost.

  30. Lekhoa


    Someone is watching you. Try not to be seen – return home.

  31. Fox Pizza


    Chanterelle is so upset that she dropped her pizza. = (But you can go to the catalog and order another one.

  32. SYDO


    Excellent design in the form of a game. Test yourself for accuracy – break all the elements on the page so that there is no trace of the error.

  33. Rive Gauche


    Minimalism with a touch of humor. Do not worry so much and fall upside down. Better go shopping.

  34. Nextpage


    Space invaders have destroyed this page! Take revenge on them! How long can you hold out under fire?

  35. Brand crowd


    An original illustration depicting the company’s activities – the designer draws a “404”. You need to check the url.

  36. Dogstudio


    Great idea of ​​a 404 page. The GIF animation changes every time you reload.

  37. Publishing house “MYTH”


    Probably, elephants shouldn’t get on the scooter. You need to choose something stronger. Or just read – choose a book you like by following the links to the sections.

  38. Unsplash


    Hmm, the page you were looking for no longer exists. The animation shows that something dangerous is happening.

  39. Purple bunny


    Oops! You are in the wrong rabbit hole. The rabbit is concerned and asks you to return to the home page.

  40. Virtual building


    Applying a glitch effect to numbers and clutter in the background of broken VR glasses imply unwanted breakage.

  41. NVIDIA


    Artificial intelligence is powerless in such cases. Use the links on the page to find what you were looking for.

  42. Superrb


    The surfboard does not balance on the waves, but on the color wheel. A creative solution for a design studio.

  43. Spotify


    Unfortunately, the music has stopped. The 404 record stopped spinning. Better to go back to enjoy your favorite tune again.

  44. Worrydream


    404 page in a minimalist style. Oh, this is not a page …

  45. Jackrabbit


    Check out these lovely jumping bunnies! All characters are unique in their own way. You can endlessly watch such an animation. And if not endlessly – jump to the main one.

  46. Figma


    Feel like a little designer. Think of what you can do with this image – drag the points on the numbers with the cursor. By the way, this image can be completely turned into a black rectangle. Can you?

  47. Mayflower


    No matter how much you dig, you definitely won’t find anything here. Stop and go back.

  48. gambling addiction


    The thematic page with Mario from the game portal contains links to sections of the site. Page not found. Perhaps she is in a different castle, like the princess.

  49. YO-YO


    Very colorful animation for 404 pages. This design always cheers up and stands out from the rest. Click further.

  50. ASOS


    There is no one on the podium for photo shoots as well as the requested page. Come back or get help from the links.


As we can see from the examples, a 404 page should convey a certain idea. This is, first of all, a mistake, and no one likes mistakes. But in order not to upset the user, you need to give him a hint on what to do next. The better you work on your 44th, the more likely the visitor will not leave the site. The main thing is not to deviate from the theme and style of your site, then everything will look clear and harmonious.

If you need help developing a 404 page, please contact us. We will be happy to undertake the design development, taking into account all your wishes.

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