10 ways to increase mobile traffic

10 ways to increase mobile traffic

According to Yandex.Radar data for October 2020, mobile traffic in Russia accounts for 57% of the total volume of all traffic on the market. 40% is accounted for by computers and laptops. 3% tablets and everything else. Remember yourself, when was the last time you opened the desktop version of VKontakte? And Instagram? Yes, it also exists.

More and more often, new sites first develop and optimize design primarily for mobile devices, and only then a version for desktops is created. The mobile index has become a top priority for Google, i.e. first, the site is scanned by the Googlebot for smartphones, and the second comes the robot from a regular search.

You can check the optimization of a website for mobile devices using Google tools. The Yandex service is located in Yandex.Webmaster. I will not dwell in detail on the technical part of website optimization for mobile devices – a detailed checklist can be found in our blog. And here is its PDF version. If you have any questions or something is not clear, write to the mail, we will analyze everything in detail.

The site has been created, all optimization checks have been passed, the loading speed of the site for mobile devices is excellent (and if not, then articles about turbo pages and AMP will help you). But where to get traffic? Here are 10 ways to increase your mobile traffic to your website.

  1. Social networks

    The vast majority of users use social media on mobile devices. In the profile header or in the group description, do not forget to indicate the address of your site. Use links to the site in stories on Instagram, announcements in the VK group, on Twitter.

    Links in Instagram Stories

    When posting links to a site on social networks, do not forget about the Open Graph markup, this will help to create a beautiful site snippet and increase CTR indicators.

  2. Email newsletters

    Most of the transitions from mailing lists now occur on mobile devices. When designing letters, it is important to remember about adapting emails for mobile. A well-designed and interesting newsletter can attract a large number of users.

    link from e-mail newsletter

  3. Messengers

    Telegram channels, Viber communities, WhatsApp groups. The audience of instant messengers on mobile devices is simply huge and continues to grow every year. Email, as a tool for communicating with customers, is losing its popularity and instant messaging applications are coming in its place.

    telegram channel 1ps.ru

    Use groups to announce promotions, publish blog articles, mailing lists. Messengers are a great direct marketing tool, it’s important to keep this in mind.

  4. Map services and company directories

    Register your site on Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, 2GIS and others. Most often, people need cards here and now, when they have a smartphone at hand. Use priority placement on Yandex.Maps, or advertising in 2GIS. The company will immediately become more visible in the overall search results. And in 2GIS, for example, it will be possible to indicate not only the address of the main page of the site, but also other promotions on the site, news, etc.

    Links in 2Gis

  5. Youtube

    70% of Youtube traffic comes from mobile devices. People watch videos on the road, while eating, at home on the couch, in bed before going to bed. Google Display Advertising is a convenient tool to get a large amount of mobile traffic to your website at once. But if you have charisma, an interesting topic and a phone, a personal Youtube channel will also be a great source of mobile traffic to the site. You will also earn some money.

    Youtube links

  6. Separate advertising campaigns for mobile devices in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads

    Separate advertising campaigns for requests from mobile devices will help to collect and attract the right audience to the site. Optimize your company for voice queries, local geo queries and only for mobile users. Landing pages in such campaigns should be optimized for smartphones. Avoid large, long forms – you don’t need to put a lot of text on the page.

  7. Application for mobile

    A separate mobile application is more convenient and familiar to users. It can be either a completely independent application or an adapted version of the site for mobile, hidden under the guise of an application.

    Application for mobile devices

  8. Advertising in apps on mobile devices

    If the budget is limited and it is not yet possible to create your own separate application, then advertising in mobile applications is ideal to attract mobile traffic to the site. Advertising can be launched through the tools familiar to everyone – Yandex.Direct or Google Ads.

    advertising in mobile applications

    And don’t forget about advertising on TikTok. It is now one of the easiest ways to drive mobile traffic to your website.

  9. Advertising on free public Wi-Fi hotspots

    As we remember, free cheese can be found in a cheeseburger, punched like a hamburger, and in a mousetrap. If you have ever connected to public Wi-Fi in the metro, at the airport or in shopping malls, you may have noticed that before the full Internet is loaded, you will definitely be shown a banner, video or any other advertisement. Use this ad to drive visitors to your site.

    Wi-Fi advertising

  10. Own podcasts and podcast ads

    The last 2 years have definitely seen a boom in podcasts in Russia – unless my cat has released her own podcast yet. The podcast advertising market in Russia is still very underestimated, so the prices there are very, very pleasant.


    Usually, people listen to podcasts from their phones, and after advertising, they will also come to your site from the same smartphones.

    You can estimate the amount of mobile traffic on a site, for example, using Yandex.Metrica. Remember: Standard reports – Technologies – Devices.

    amount of mobile traffic


It is very convenient to segment mobile traffic on the site by individual users and devices. It is easy to assign a unique id to each user, trace his interests, gender, etc. Then you can form small groups of users with common interests and work directly with them through advertising on the site, unique promotions, mailings and offers – the so-called direct marketing.

But for all this to work, first of all, you need a website adapted for mobile devices. If you don’t have one yet, write to us – we’ll do it!

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